Yao Nie Bing Wang (WSK) Chapter 148-149

Chapter 148

Another week’s chapters! It had a few weird (to us) expressions in Chinese that we’ve never heard of~

Translation Notes:

毛妹 Máo mèi – ‘Mao little sister’, or Russian girl/chick. It’s some kind of reference to Mao ZeDong and his dealings with Russia, but I was too lazy to look further into it. In the text, the Chinese like to abbreviate things a lot, so it was only ‘marry a ‘mao”. Confusing -_-

点个卯就能睡觉 diǎn gè mǎo jiù néng shuìjiào – ‘when it’s mao (ancient reference to 5-7am) then you can go to sleep’ rhymes in Chinese, and it roughly means to stay up all night. However, the expression isn’t simply “sleep when it’s morning”, it’s a reference to time to work. In other words, it’s an accusation of laziness/uselessness to stay up all night before going to bed when everyone else is working. It was brutally mutilated during translation.

百十来万 Bǎi shí lái wàn – ‘100 10 coming to 10,000’ is an expression referring to a number between 100,000 to 1,000,000. After translating a ton of chapters, you just get this instinct when you see some innocent, easily read characters that are actually disguising some kind of buttfuck.

The Chinese bow – lowering your head in a quick nod is the Chinese bow. Other East Asian cultures like the Koreans and the Japanese bow far lower.

Criticizing one’s parents for the child’s insult – in Chinese culture, an adult may directly criticize the parents instead of the child. This is because the child’s status is not equal to the adult’s and they don’t need to give respect to the child, though it has the added effect of being more likely to rein in the child’s behavior. It quickly can devolve into bickering though, because no adult wants to be criticized in front of their children xD Even if the parent will argue on the child’s behalf in public, in private they may turn around and tell their kids to behave.


That same park in Jinan from 2 weeks ago during the day. A very colorful city!




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