Yao Nie Bing Wang (WSK) Chapter 150-151

Chapter 150

So, there were other things that may have normally consumed the time it would take to write some translation notes, a great way for someone studying Chinese like us to remember them… but today the chapters were really like a berserk tennis ball machine spitting names at a crowd which may be unfamiliar with the language. Actually with this many names, I’d be confused even in English, so I decided to make a lil chart for you guys~

Third Generation of the Tang Family:

  • Leader: Tang ZhengTian (Jiu’s father, eldest)
  • Other living members:
    • Tang ZhenFeng (YiFei’s father)
      • 2nd of third generation
    • Tang SanGuo (ShaoFeng and Tang Yi’s father)
      • 3rd of third generation
    • Tang WanHe
    • Tang HuaZhong – youngest of the 3rd generation, may be “Seventh Uncle”
    • Tang Seventh Uncle
  • Deceased/left the family: Tang Qun’s father, Tang WanXin’s  father(left), and Tang Long’s father.

Fourth Generation of the Tang Family:

There are 9 children of the 4th generation, 8 males and 1 female.

  • Order of birth:
    1. Tang Long (father deceased)
    2. Tang YiFei (Tang ZhenFeng’s son)
    3. Tang ShaoFeng (Tang SanGuo’s son)
    4. Tang Yi (Tang SanGuo’s son)
    5. Tang Qun (father deceased)
    6. Tang WanXin (father left)
    7. ???Tang XianDai (Tang Seventh Uncle’s son)
    8. ???Tang JinSheng
    9. Tang Jiu (Tang ZhengTian’s daughter)


Daming Lake in Jinan


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