Information About WSK (YNBW)

Yao Nie Bing Wang, or in English, Wicked Soldier King.

Synopsis: Xu Yun is a man with a mysterious past as a special forces operative. Since then he just wanted to have a relaxed life in HeDong City, working for his gorgeous boss. Unexpectedly he is pulled into a massive power struggle within the criminal underworld, all because he stumbles upon an earth-shattering secret…

(Synopsis is paraphrased from 17k, but Chinese standards for synopses are much different and one is work-in-progress by Cordicepticon!)

On 17k, there are nearly 300,000,000+ readers and 7.5+ million characters. We have not checked other portals for their own numbers of views. Here is a link to the profile/raws on 17k. The author is BiXian Zai MengYou, but we call him BiXian for short.

Tags: Urban, Gangster, Modern, Urban, Wuxia, Business, Harem, Action, Slice of Life, Comedy

Novel Updates Profile, Courtesy of Midoriha: MangaUpdates

Wicked Soldier King is a very unusual formula compared to most webnovels that I’ve seen. Perhaps catering to the greater interest in urban novels in China, it spends more time in the beginning with slice of life and urban elements, and generally what I would call ‘base building’. I’d recommend reading up till Chapter 16, one of my favorite chapters ever to find out what the rest of the novel is like. The first true fight starts on Chapter 18.

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7 thoughts on “Information About WSK (YNBW)”

  1. MechaMushroom-san? May i ask you a question that was bothering me ever since i started reading this webnovel?
    “Wicked Soldier King” it means “King of Wiked Soldiers” or “King called Wicked Soldier”?

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    1. “wicked” “king of soldiers”, probably referencing Xu Yun’s past career as a legendary soldier. king (wang) is used pretty liberally in chinese, like some big popstars in hong kong were called the 4 kings. it’s more like referencing badasses at the top of something, and not as confining as “sole ruler” as it seems to be used in english. good question! thanks for asking :3

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