Chapter 148: The Tang Family’s Great Courtyard

At the entrance of the Tang Family’s villa were quite the variety of luxury cars between 100,000 and 1,000,000 that were very pleasing to the eye – absolutely showing the size of the Tang Family’s power, that the family assets were strong and solid.

Two youngsters were holding NanJing 95 Ancestor cigarettes, carrying whimsical smiles on their faces. One of them said, “If today Jiu-mei doesn’t come, I’m afraid we’ll have to listen to Second Brother sing a one man show.”

The other person disdainfully smiled. “Definitely. Second Brother’s whole heart wants to monopolize the Tang Family. In the family, Long-ge also listens to him. Tonight perhaps we won’t be able to split up the Tang Family assets. My dad and your dad don’t even dare to breathe loudly in front of Uncle Tang, there’ll be no way count on them to speak up.”

“Old Six, ordinarily it looks like you play quite lavishly, why is it for this it won’t do? Your Fifth Brother is counting on you to speak up first”, the first youngster said.

These two were Tang Qun and Tang WanXin of the Tang Family’s fourth generation, and could be considered this generation’s biggest play boys. Everyday, their brains were full of beauties or race cars, and the thing they liked to do most was to go to a club and drink till they were plastered – anyways with their backing being the big tree of the Tang Family, they weren’t worried about money spent.

“Fifth Brother, don’t mess with me – fight with Second Brother? I’m not looking for death that much. Do you know who Second Brother hired for the sake of seizing the Tang Family’s right of inheritance?” Tang WanXin cracked a smile and said, “If I say it, it’ll scare the sh*t out of you.”

“What elite?” Tang Qun frowned. Ordinarily, Second Brother Tang YiFei wouldn’t see him no matter what, so he hadn’t heard about it.

Tang WanXin’s eyebrows jumped. “Ghost Face Shura.”

Tang Qun heard and there was a burst of cold sweat on his back, Ghost Face Shura! Who would’ve thought that Second Brother would expend so much blood and sweat – Ghost Face Shura wasn’t someone that just anyone could hire, that was absolutely a big shot that with one stomp of his feet would cause three earthquakes! Forget about hiring him, for an ordinary person to see him was as hard as reaching the sky.

“Old Six, you’re not lying to me right?” Tang Qun’s brow locked tight – this had to be clarified. If Tang YiFei really hired such a big shot under his command, then today he would absolutely not mention splitting the Tang Family. After all if the Tang Family couldn’t be split, then he could stay under the Tang Family as a parasite – if his own head was split then that would be trouble.

Tang WanXin laughed merrily, “Fifth Brother, even though ordinarily there isn’t anything good about me, but when have I ever messed around with these kinds of things? Even if you gave me some balls, I wouldn’t dare to joke around with Ghost Face Shura.”

Tang Qun nodded, inside thinking that what this kid said is true – he definitely wouldn’t be so gutsy to play that kind of joke. Once he thought that someone as dangerous as Ghost Face Shura had been hired, Tang Qun’s legs and stomach trembled. It looks like tonight, old Third and the others would definitely be out of luck – Second Brother would surely set a deterrent tonight, and at that time he would wait and watch the good show.

“Then what if Jiu-mei comes back?” The corners of Tang WanXin’s mouth suddenly rose with a low-life smile. “Then Second Brother’s one man show might not be so good to sing. Heh heh, I really hope Jiu-mei comes back.”

Tang Qun scoffed, “If Jiu-mei comes back, you think it’ll be as comfortable as before? Hmph, if there really is such a day that we won’t even be able to get a penny, by then if you want to cry it’ll be too late. I’d rather have Second Brother lead the family, that way I could still be at ease being me, the parasite.”

Tang WanXin chuckled, and nodded. “That’s true, then it’s better if Jiu-mei still doesn’t come back, and makes a nest with that uncivilized man in that little city. Everyone will be comfy.”

“You believe what Second Brother said?” Tang Qun said, “He said that in HeDong City Jiu-mei found an uncouth man, who knows if he made it all up? Don’t you understand what kind of person Second Brother is? As long as he wants to, he could describe 100 white things as black things, and describe black things into white things. Jiu-mei is so strong, could there be a man that she could regard as highly from such a little place? What kind of big joke is that? If it really was like that, then I’d dare to bring a green tea b*tch back to marry.”

The two of them were chatting in the outer courtyard of the Tang Family villa, and Tang Jiu’s Volkswagen Scirocco directly whirred past in the distance. Tang WanXin and Tang Qun were both struck dumb and stunned.

Of course they knew whose car this was, with the powerful forces of the Tang Family, the cars they drove were all at the class of Porsche Cayennes or Jeep Grand Cherokees – fierce, big and tough cars. The only one low-key car in the Tang Family was Tang Jiu’s.

“Speak of the devil, and the devil comes…..” Tang WanXin whispered, “This is really weird. Fifth Brother, Jiu-mei really came back.”

Smiling, Tang Qun crooned lightly, “Tonight there will really be a good sight to see. Second Brother probably didn’t think that Jiu-mei would still be able to get back eh?”

Tang WanXin nodded. This guy had good eyesight, having already seen inside the car. “Fifth Brother, not just that, Jiu-mei really brought a man back. Tonight is going to be a big show, Jiu-mei really brought back that man from that little place. Heh heh, you’re really going to find a green tea b*tch to marry?”

The corners of Tang Qun’s mouth rose, “I’ll marry a Russian chick…..”


Tang Jiu got out of the car with energetic resolution, and Xu Yun also closely followed getting out. Qiu Yan and GuoGuo were the last to get out of the car, and once GuoGuo got out of the car she let out a gasp – the power of the Tang Family was truly extraordinary.

Without mentioning how fearsome the facade of the villa was, just the number of cars packing the courtyard was a huge number! Cars with the value of 100,000 were completely not eye-catching here, just like a big street of products. All kinds of Cayenne or whatever, with one pause there were quite a few.

“Little Miss Jiu, your family is really rich.” GuoGuo said, “Why don’t you exchange for a bigger car? The whole way on the road it wasn’t comfortable.”

Tang Jiu faintly smiled, “Jiejie will exchange it tomorrow.”

Once Tang Qun and Tang WanXin saw Tang Jiu get out of the car they immediately came forward. Tang WanXin checked out Qiu Yan with a slovenly expression – this chick was truly hot, and seeing her was quite the feeling. If not for Tang Jiu at the scene, he would’ve already stepped forward and groped – with this kind of top quality good, any male animal would definitely want to go forward and hump it.

“Jiu-mei, where’d you go this whole time? About to worry me your Fifth Brother to death.” Tang Qun went forward and said, “You don’t even know how worried everyone was, especially the last time Second Brother came back, he said you were in HeDong with…….” While speaking, Tang Qun paused for a bit and glanced at Xu Yun, doubtfully saying, “Jiu-mei, the man Second Brother mentioned, wouldn’t be him right?”

Tang WanXin heard, and his gaze transferred from Qiu Yan to Xu Yun, and immediately he disdainfully laughed. Smiling gleefully he said to Tang Jiu, “Jiu-mei, when did your taste get so bad?”

With the disdain that Tang Qun and Tang WanXin had towards Xu Yun, it was indeed a common thing, after all from top to bottom Xu Yun wasn’t wearing any name brands, completely without the least bit like a scion of a rich family or powerful family. Just seeing Tang Qun and Tang WangXin, if they weren’t wearing Armani it was Dior or the like, their watches were Vacheron Constantin and that kind of top level luxury goods, while from top to bottom, Xu Yun was wearing ordinary clothing only.

GuoGuo helplessly shook her head. Luckily her dad wasn’t wearing beach shorts and flip flops, if he did then wouldn’t people look down on him even more? Fortunately now the weather had become colder, or else Xu Yun might really have worn that and come, that would really make the boss lose face.

“Fifth Brother, Sixth Brother, why haven’t you gone in yet? Today isn’t a day to be sleeping when everyone else is working.” Towards these two, Tang Jiu spoke without the slightest bit of intent to be respectful. “I heard that there was a good show to see today, a face-off against the Tang Family right? Were you guys eyeing a part of the Tang Family assets? Fifth Brother, what do you want? Say it.”

Tang Qun smiled in embarrassment. “Jiu-mei, what are you talking about? We’re all one family. Let’s go in, Uncle Tang has been waiting for you all along.”

“Jiu-mei, you can go in, but these people?” Tang WangXin glanced at Xu Yun and Qiu Yan. “They don’t seem to be members of the Tang Family right? You should be clear about the rule of the Tang Family. Outsiders cannot go in.”

Tang Jiu scoffed. “I forgot to introduce you, Xu Yun, he’s my boyfriend. I believe that Second Brother should’ve already told you all. I can only guess how he described it. Sixth Brother, don’t blame meimei for not informing you, my boyfriend’s temperament isn’t good. If you really want to block him, then you should consider how much your life is worth.”

Tang WanXin’s expression changed – even though he was pissed but he didn’t dare to say much. “Jiu-mei, I’m your gege, you threatening me in front of outsiders is giving me too little face isn’t it?”

“Outsiders? Tang Jiu coldly laughed, “If my man is considered an outsider, then you guys are even more of outsiders.”

Tang Qun knew that if Tang WanXin kept going there wouldn’t be a good result, and directly interrupted him, saying to Tang Jiu, “Jiu-mei, of course your boyfriend can go in, but what about these two?”

“My relationship is closer than yours.” GuoGuo snorted, “Little Miss Jiu is my sworn sister, so I am her little sister. Xu Yun is also my daddy. Don’t you think my relationship is closer than yours?”

Tang Qun and Tang WanXin were so shocked they nearly couldn’t even close their mouths, this dude has a kid?! This news to them was like a bolt from the blue, Tang Jiu actually found a guy with a kid as her boyfriend!

“Fifth Brother, Sixth Brother, if you still don’t make way, then don’t blame me for not being nice.” Xu Yun full of smiles said, “In the future all of us will be one family. Peace and harmony should prevail, what do you say?”

Tang WanXin snorted and directly turned and left. Today he wanted to see if this outsider could cause a storm in the Tang Family – Second Brother Tang YiFei had already long prepared to make sure this punk never came back.

Tang Jiu took Xu Yun as well as Qiu Yan and GuoGuo into the big courtyard of her family’s villa in big strides. In the enormous courtyard of the villa stood very many people – there were Tang Jiu’s uncles, aunts, brothers, sister-in-laws, another branch of other brothers and sisters and such, and also people that the Tang Family allowed to enter the Tang Family courtyard – all were people who were in outer circle of the Tang Family. Those able to the enter the hall were people who were able to contact the inner circle of the Tang Family.

The crowd saw that Tang Jiu had appeared, and each called out in surprise. Everyone knew that Tang Jiu had left the the Tang Family for several days, and had heard Tang YiFei’s exaggerated description. Now Tang Jiu had really brought back a man, how could this not cause unrest?

Everyone’s gaze instantly gathered onto Xu Yun, and whispering conversations began, in one instant, in the great courtyard of the Tang Family villa was all about the same topic – who was this uncouth man that Tang Jiu had brought back, and just how much ability did he have.

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