Yao Nie Bing Wang (WSK) Chapter 158

There is a big announcement from us this week in this translator post. If you would like to skip it the chapter will be at the bottom.

This week there will only be one chapter of WSK, and actually this was supposed to be announced earlier in the week but it just shows how busy we are. We aren’t busy with Pokemon Go if that’s what you’re thinking xD

We’re both trying to climb a bit further ahead in the directions of our lives. At first, translating for us had three objectives: first maybe we’d get some cash (to be perfectly honest xD), second, we really wanted to study Chinese before we got older and supposedly it’s harder to learn languages. Third, we wanted to give back to the community with some diversity.

We never did try the donations for chapters, and part of the reason was that we saw a lot of folks started charging far less than would be for it to be worth it for us to guarantee a chapter no matter how horrible the day was. We persisted for months on the sole foundation of happy readers and studying Chinese. Up to today, we only missed one week in a year of translating, and we have translated well over half a million characters, with nearly 2.4 million views and for that, Team Mushroom is proud :3 That’s really not that much in the broad scheme of things, but a year ago, we definitely never would’ve thought we’d reach this point.

In the beginning our translations were really bad, and viewership was extremely low. It was pretty demoralizing to see negative comments and such comparatively low views after the hours poured into each chapter. We were also making horrendous editing oversights, and every time we encountered the plethora of idioms and sayings that the author loves to use, it was like another tumble down the stairs. Gradually through sheer willpower we pushed, and we found dictionaries, began memorizing and learning idioms, and there was less need to have discussions about what idioms meant and such. We got faster and faster. It went from 12 hrs a chapter to an hour a chapter – yes we came a long ways.

Now though, we’ve really hit a peak in how the current rate is impacting our ability to study. Because of decreased members, increased responsibilities and less time, translating has become a chore that we try to mash out as fast as we can, and we’ve come to rely on dictionaries too much when we should be trying to memorize characters and practicing more with reading only characters.

Instead we’d like to change the translating schedule into free posting, basically whenever we can manage it, which is really irregular and we highly recommend using a tracking resource such as following us or Novelupdates or the like. The reason for this is because both of us are taking night classes and the added stress is becoming heavier and heavier. Until this rough patch is done, we would like to take some time off translating for a few weeks to finish these courses.

So to definitively state it, is this over? For now, no. When the day comes, we will be sure to inform you all without simply disappearing.

Chapter 158


I dunno where this is, Sichuan maybe?


25 thoughts on “Yao Nie Bing Wang (WSK) Chapter 158”

  1. Shroom! You know I’ve been with you since the start and im still with you later in anything you do 😉 I finished my first degree a few months ago and I had to drop almost everything to focus on pushing through. I totally understand.


  2. Hi, I happened to come across this wonderful translation of a story on wuxiaworld forum yesterday.
    Just finished the latest translated chapter.
    I would like to express my gratitude for having translated all these chapters and wish the translation team all the best in your RL endeavors.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I guess I’ll drop this for now until there is a stable translator. Sigh. Good novel but slow updates. I dunno if I will still be alive when the translation is finished. Hope so


  4. Take time and ignore those assholes. Even if the quality is bad, I won’t critisize you guys. At least you guys tried and know some Chinese, unless assholes who don’t know any and can only say stuff like Ni Hao or Xie Xie.


  5. uh i widly disgree with the lowering of price per a chapter. To be honest lots of those low end ones are either MTL or less than 2k words in the 1.2-1.5k words range. People are okay with paying 50-60$ for 2k chapters it seems, and unless your RWX no ones paying $80 unless you pump out 2 chapters a day. I guess TMW and MW also can afford that.


    1. YNBW is 3.3k per chap, and the range can vary severely in the time it takes to translate it, since they sometimes use very strange colloquialisms that are also hard to research. For instance that one slang “Star wars”. That one took like 2 hours of research just for that phrase.

      What we’re left with is, given the possibility of donation or no donations, or trying to take classes to enhance the resume – the latter is a safer option for allocating time. If i could possibly cut down on commute times (ie, new job) then maybe it would be viable to try donation chapters in the future.


  6. Dont worry about us, real life takes priority. I hope for you to traverse the stress phase quickly and for me that you will continue translating this great story as well as you do no matter the speed^^

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