Yao Nie Bing Wang (WSK) Chapter 147

Chapter 147

And the rest of last week’s. This chapter will not count towards this week, so there will still be two chapters incoming sometime this week, assuming of course, my shitty internet doesn’t decide to up and die.

Translation Notes:

From last chapter:

(name)-mei – you may recall that this is a relationship suffix for ‘younger sister’. We tried the ‘Sister’ thing, it just piqued the OCD and we couldn’t do it xD. That’s not a stab at anyone, we don’t stab fellow translators cuz seriously, this work seriously sucks sometimes LOL.

Inheritance by eldest – primogeniture is pretty prevalent all over the world, but I’ve noticed that it’s not always obvious to Americans and perhaps other cultures. So here it is, Chinese society also practices primogeniture, the eldest is typically the first and most obvious choice for inheritance. Of course this doesn’t always end up happening for one reason or another.

猫哭耗子 Māo kū hàozi – is an expression about a cat crying for a mouse. It works just like alligator tears in English. Chinese culture has noted how cruel cats are to mice, playing with them cruelly before ultimately eating them, so a cat crying for a mouse genuinely? Well, pretty much a snowball’s chance in hell.


Baotuquan Park in Jinan during Lantern Festival. All owned by the Tang Family!


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