Chapter 150: Xu Yun Steps on Stage

The faces of each of the people who wanted to split the Tang Family darkened towards Tang Jiu’s declaration. The Tang Family’s third generation such as Tang SanGuo and Tang HuaZhong leading several people initially opened their mouths to raise discontent towards Tang Jiu.

Tang SanGuo coldly laughed. “Little Jiu, your Third Uncle doted on you the most since you were small. No matter what you said, Third Uncle would yield to you, but today these words of yours are a bit difficult to take. For people wanting to leave the Tang Family is fine, but not being allowed to take anything of the Tang Family? The Tang Family is what your father and these uncles of yours fought for together across the land, and your brothers have put in no small amounts of effort. Your Third Brother and Fourth Brother have put out much blood and sweat for the Tang Family – your father has seen it all very clearly.”

Tang ZhengTian faintly smiled, “Of course, I have seen everything that ShaoFeng and Tang Yi have done for the Tang Family very clearly.”

“Third Uncle, you only said half of it didn’t you?” Tang Jiu said, “The Tang Family members have all seen very clearly what Third Brother and Fourth Brother have done for the Tang Family, but what about the things that the Tang Family gave to Third Brother and Fourth Brother? Don’t say that it was JiBei City, and put your eyes on the whole province. How many people could take their terms? Third Uncle, it’s not that your niece’s words are difficult; do you really think that the contributions of my Third Brother and Fourth Brother are worthy of the things the Tang Family gave them?”

“Jiu-mei, what do you mean by that?” Tang Yi angrily frowned, saying, “You can talk to me and your Third Brother, but how could you talk like that to your Third Uncle! Without those elders, how would we have what we have today!”

Tang Jiu’s smile didn’t have the slightest feel of a smile. “Fourth Brother, then I’ll ask you, how much contribution have you given to the Tang Family? It was just to have you look after a few entertainment areas and that’s all, do you think that someone else would just mess around and not work? I could easily hire someone for a salary of 500,000, and can still handle it properly. Your three luxury cars a year aren’t even less than 500,000 are they?”

Tang Yi had been told by Tang Jiu till his face was a burst of changing colors. “Little Jiu! Do you think that JiBei is really very peaceful? If not for the face of your Fourth Brother, who knows how much trouble it would have caused! You really stand and talk easy without the pain of work, to even be able to say such cold words.”

“Face?” Tang Jiu laughed out loud. “Fourth Brother, how much face do you think you have? You wouldn’t really think that driving a Porsche and Lexus will give you face right? Your face is given to you by the Tang Family. If not for the support that the Tang Family gave you, how much do you think your face is worth?”

Such direct words from Tang Jiu truly shocked everyone in the Tang Family – even Tang ZhengTian hadn’t thought with this return, his daughter would actually talk so aggressively – it seems that she was truly angry.

Tang Jiu saw that Tang Yi wasn’t saying anything and continued, “Fourth Brother, I know what your goal for coming to the family meeting is. You want nothing more than to take those entertainment businesses as your own. Heh, it’s not that I as your younger sister am not agreeing. If I agreed, I’m afraid you’ll mess around and not take care of it.”

“Jiu-mei, since you’ve said everything so clearly, then I”ll leave some words here! Then casually hire someone for those locations! If one of them could play and still run it, then my name isn’t Tang!” Tang Jiu’s words had been said without leaving any face for Tang Yi – if he still had no reaction, then there would be no way there would still be a place for him in the Tang Family.

“No, Fourth Brother, no matter what you’re still a member of the Tang Family.” Tang Jiu faintly smiled, “Since you’ve said as much, then I will do as you say. In the future there is no need for you to go to those locations, give them all to me to oversee.”

Only now did Tang Yi come to a sudden realization that this time, Tang Jiu was quietly taking his own power away – but the words had already been spoken, going back on them would be even more shameful. He gritted his teeth and swallowed it, saying, “Fine! Then we’ll do as you say!”

He didn’t believe that a little girl like Tang Jiu could outplay him. With one call he could make it impossible for those locations to do businesses! By then he would wait for Tang Jiu to come and beg him to go and handle it.

Tang ShaoFeng nearly yelled out the word ‘fool’! Old Fourth was simply too principled – at first he wanted to split the family, to actually be budged into switching positions by two or three words from Tang Jiu – no wonder ordinarily his father always scolds him, even his own blood-brother was a bit resentful of his miscomings.

“Jiu-mei, you say you’ll take it and you just take it. That was something your Fourth Brother has always been managing, how could it be let go of so easily?” Tang ShaoFeng said.

Without waiting for Tang Jiu to say something, Tang YiFei rushed to say, “Old Third, what’s the meaning of that? Wasn’t what Old Fourth managing the Tang Family’s assets? No matter how I listen to it, why is it that those entertainment venues sound like your family’s private assets?”

Tang ShaoFeng’s small eyes sharpened, throwing a glance at Tang YiFei. “Second Brother, I didn’t say that. I’m just being realistic for a moment. Old Fourth has contributed more to those entertainment venues than anyone else, thus it’s reasonable that he should handle those entertainment venues.”

“By your logic, then the several hotels of the Tang Family are all managed by you, then those hotels should belong to your management?” Tang YiFei faintly smiled, “Could it be that after today, you even want to handle the accounts separately?”

Tang ShaoFeng didn’t have the slightest fear in opposing Tang YiFei. “Second Brother, I now understand your meaning. All of the Tang Family’s investments are handled by you, you mean to say that you get the bulk of it right? Hmph, if you think that way, I as a little brother don’t dare to say anything. Then we’ll ask Uncle Tang if he agrees or not.”

Tang ZhengTian was more than half a century old, and he was clear about his body’s condition. Towards the behavior of the younger generation he didn’t bother getting angry, and calmly spoke. “I know my body, and you all should also know that I’m clear about your intentions. But I’ll say it again, as long as I live, I won’t support splitting the Tang Family.”

The oldest of the fourth generation Tang Long, quickly stood up and said, “Old Third, back off! Uncle Tang’s health is still good, and you want to split the Tang Family – isn’t that too selfish? Third Uncle, I want to say that Old Third is to blame on today’s issue.”

“Long-ge, Fourth Uncle gave birth to you early, and he also passed away early, when we were little, my dad didn’t dote on you just a little. Who would’ve thought that nowadays you’ve changed into a dog beside Second Brother. Hmph, I really think highly of you.” Tang ShaoFeng’s mouth had said truly hurtful words.

Tang WanXin and Tang Qun’s eyes met, and inside they secretly laughed. Who would’ve thought that tonight’s show would be so good to watch? This had only just begun, and Old Second and Old Third were already biting each other. Even though the two of them were proper branches of the Tang Family, but they basically had no right to speak. This couldn’t be blamed on them – Tang Qun’s father and Tang Long’s father had both died in the same car accident, while Tang WanXin’s father had unexpectedly become a monk when he was sixteen, so these two had no one to rely on in the Tang Family, feeding as parasites their whole lives.

Tang ShaoFeng speaking of Tang Long like that didn’t anger him, he continued saying, “Of course I’m thankful for Third Uncle caring for me since I was small, but right now I’m assisting principle and not kin. I think that Second Brother’s words are reasonable, the Tang Family is one family, and we cannot split.”

“Since we’ve broken cordiality, then I won’t link arms in support anymore.” Tang ShaoFeng’s eyes indicated to his father Tang SanGuo, and directly pointed out, “No one wants the Tang Family to split, but now the problem facing the Tang Family has already come to this point. Long-ge, you and Second Brother don’t want to split the family, and Second Uncle also thinks so, because you feel that if the family doesn’t split, then Second Brother could succeed the Tang Family! Don’t you not admit what I said! You all think that!”

Tang ZhenFeng frowned, “ShaoFeng, is it up to you to say that? Are you really acting like Uncle Tang and Little Jiu don’t exist? With Little Jiu here, then we have a clear and proper successor. Just what was your intention for saying those hurtful words about Second Uncle and your two brothers?”

“Second Brother, don’t hide what you know and pretend to be confused. Among us, who doesn’t know each other?” Tang SanGuo faintly smiled, “Don’t use seniority to suppress the younger generation. Heh, do you really think that Little Jiu can succeed the Tang Family? Even though the Tang Family doesn’t have a rule that a girl can’t succeed, but there is no precedent for a girl succeeding!”

With the backing of his father, Tang ShaoFeng once again stood up in the spotlight. “Second Brother, you’ve already planned everything out huh? Jiu-mei simply doesn’t have the ability to succeed the Tang Family, but there is no opening for you to hog everything yourself!”

“Bullsh*t!” Tang YiFei angrily said, “Old Third, you’d best be careful with what you say!”

“What? You mad?” Tang ShaoFeng coldly sneered.

Bang-! Tang WanHe who hadn’t spoken all along suddenly smacked the table, towards the younger generation immersed in squabbling he angrily roared, “Do you still have your elders in your eyes?! Do you still have your Uncle Tang in your eyes! Is it now up to you to point fingers around the Tang Family!”

Tang YiFei scoffed, “Seventh Uncle, in the past you didn’t say anything about anything, shouldn’t you clarify your position today?”

“Second Brother, of course my dad won’t agree to splitting the family, but he definitely wouldn’t support you succeeding the Tang Family.” Tang XianDai faintly smiled, “You’d better not try to get my dad’s attention, with you guys squabbling as you please like this, we must have the right to speak in the Tang Family.”

Tang YiFei cursed him as unambitious trash inside, and no longer minded them, his gaze towards Tang ZhengTian. “Uncle Tang is still sitting in this position. When he speaks he is the Tang Family’s sky. No one should waste their words and listen to Uncle Tang.”

Tang ZhengTian put all his effort in adjusting his attitude for him to not pursue these quarrels of the younger generation. If he got angry now, very likely his blood would pump, and his life could be endangered at any moment. “I remember that I said that if Little Jiu could find a capable helper, I could rest assured and hand the Tang Family to her. If not, the Tang Family cannot be given to her. Today Little Jiu has brought the person before everyone. Whether he can get everyone’s admission will depend on his own ability.”

Xu Yun couldn’t help but to bitterly laugh inside, aiyo damn, these words of yours too skillfully threw the weight onto me eh? *Sigh*, no choice, do what you gotta do. Who made him promise Tang Jiu? Since he had to be her boyfriend for a few days, then he must do this post well, or else he wouldn’t be doing right for that hotel worth 100 million.

Inside thinking, Xu Yun had already stood up. With a wide open wave on one hand and squinty smile on the other saying, “Excuse me, I haven’t introduced myself yet. I’m Xu Yun, Tang Jiu’s boyfriend. I’m very happy to be able to luckily meet everyone, and of course though not everyone is happy to meet me, but it has already happened, you can only reluctantly accept it. Right, it’s that simple. In the future I hope everyone will support Tang Jiu and I very much, I won’t mention much else.”

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