Chapter 147: Battling In the Open and In Secret

XiongZi was frozen for half a day, and in the end without saying a word – shock, shock, complete shock.

Tang Jiu coldly laughed and said to XiongZi, “I’ll say it for the last time, leave. XiongZi, if you still won’t listen, then don’t blame me for being unkind. I’ve already given you a chance, be mindful of your position.”

XiongZi clenched his teeth, inside feeling a burst of itching hatred. If he wasn’t able to do this, he wouldn’t even have face to go see Tang YiFei and if he wasn’t able to complete this, Tang YiFei definitely would deal with him.

Suddenly, XiongZi’s expression changed, and in in a low voice said, “Miss Jiu, I’ve wronged you!”

Just as the words were spoken he went forward to grab her. Tang Jiu hesitated – she completely hadn’t thought that XiongZi would actually be daring enough to act against her. After all Xu Yun was at her side, and of course he wouldn’t let XiongZi succeed – in the instant XiongZi was about to succeed, Xu Yun already raised his leg and kicked across.

XiongZi only felt a burst of violent wind come across his face, directly striking his mouth and face crooked, and afterwards was a massive, heart-wrenching pain. XiongZi only felt the massive thrashing force smashing all his teeth out!

The crowd saw XiongZi’s figure directly smash onto the floor, and his head smashing rawly onto the ground, with blood flowing from his mouth and nose.

Xu Yun cracked his neck, and provokingly said to the crowd, “If anyone else wants to die then speak up. Despite who Miss Jiu is, you guys dare to block her? Leave and think about just who is the head of the Tang Family!”

Leaderless, how would some little underlings still think?

Tang Jiu’s gaze swept across the crowd like lightning. “I’ll say this one last time. I can treat what happened today like it never happened, is there anyone else still stubborn enough to try to test blocking me!”

After all these people all ate from the Tang Family, so when Tang Jiu spoke it had very threatening force. The people who had stood in rows each stepped away, and Xu Yun was too lazy to get them to turn the cars and open a path. Taking big steps forward, rotating his arms around he directly pushed the cars on the left blocking in the middle of the road away! Then he also pushed the cars on the right side away.

The row of cars blocking the road had been pushed into a pile. The people watching all had their jaws shocked till they dropped, and a path through the middle had been made. Without another word, Tang Jiu got into the car. The rest of the road was more familiar to her traveling, no need for her to personally drive.

Under the shocked gaze of the crowd, Xu Yun got into the car, and directly sped away.

“Daddy is too awesome!” GuoGuo excitedly said, then suddenly looked at Tang Jiu. “Little Miss Jiu, were those your family’s people? For those kind of people, you shouldn’t use them anymore. They completely aren’t loyal.”

In this point GuoGuo had a deep understanding, after Millenium Feng collapsed, the only one still deeply loyal to the Feng Clan was Qiu Yan – it wasn’t as if there were no backstabbers.

“Wait for when we go back, I will handle them well.” Tang Jiu’s expression was extremely unsightly – with the current situation, her father Tang ZhengTian should already be powerless. Tonight if she didn’t hurry back, perhaps the Tang Family would be easily taken over.

Watching Tang Jiu being driven away, XiongZi clutching his chin on the ground climbed up. Xu Yun’s kick earlier had already broken his jaw.

“XiongZi-ge, Miss Jiu left. How will we explain with Second Young Master?” A tactless underling stepped forward and asked.

The massive pain on XiongZi’s face, his unsightly pathetic state, and now asking this created enormous internal pressure on him – his temper angrily exploded, directly viciously sending a kick over! He unclearly mouthed, “What’s the f*cking point in asking me! Hurry and give Second Young Master a call!”


In this very moment, Tang ZhengTian was sitting on a mahogany chair in the villa. Every year on the first of October was the biggest and most extensive family gathering of the Tang Family. As long as they were a member of the Tang Family, on this day they absolutely must be at the scene. As the head of the third generation of the Tang Family, he naturally had to make an appearance even more.

“Uncle Tang, who knows if Jiu-mei will come today?” Tang YiFei walked beside Tang ZhengTian and lightly spoke, “This is the big meeting of the Tang Family. I think you should give her a call to hurry her a bit?”

Tang ZhengTian faintly smiled and shook his head. “Even though Little Jiu has always been naughty since she was small, but each time there’s been the big family meeting, she has never missed it. I believe this time she also won’t miss it, you don’t need to worry about it.”

Tang YiFei faintly smiled, and Tang Long following behind him spoke, “Uncle Tang, I feel like you should listen to what Second Brother said. The past is the pass, now it’s not the same. Jiu-mei found a boyfriend outside, perhaps she won’t be as docile as before.”

Tang Long, the eldest of the fourth generation of the Tang Family was also the Tang Family’s young master, but from every aspect he was far inferior to from the second son Tang YiFei. For many years Tang Long was already used to following behind Tang YiFei’s back, such that even when speaking, he had to consider whether or not if it would offend Tang YiFei.

Over time, Tang Long had become Tang YiFei’s servant. Even though no one dared to say such things in the Tang Family, even Tang YiFei wouldn’t dare to say it, but it was already something widely known.

In this Tang Family gathering, Tang Long wouldn’t participate in the issue of carving up the Tang Family. He had long clearly indicated his position with Tang YiFei, that he would support him as the head of the fourth generation of the Tang Family – just that, he hoped that after Tang YiFei became the next head, he would let him have a higher position in the Tang Family.

Towards this older brother that had no ambition, naturally Tang YiFei incredibly liked him. Over time he didn’t treat him like an outsider, telling him his own plans. Tonight Tang YiFei already prepared to sing a one man show.

Tang ZhengTian was still unmoved. How would he not be clear about just what these descendants were thinking in their heads? “If there’s really a man that is able to make Little Jiu yield, then I as a father don’t have to worry. Hehe, if that man can manage Little Jiu and won’t let her go to the Tang Family gathering, I will rest assured even more.”

“Uncle Tang, you shouldn’t say that. Even if in the future Jiu-mei is a lady that goes and gets married, they will also be descendants of the Tang Family. How could we disregard the rule of our ancestors?” Tang Long said, “Those who don’t attend the October 1st family gathering are to be expelled!”

Tang YiFei coldly laughed inside, secretly glancing at Tang Long. These words were well said, wonderfully said – he wanted to see just how Tang ZhengTian would justify Tang Jiu after hearing these words. As long as Tang Jiu was expelled from the Tang Family, then according to succession of the Tang family by the order of age, Tang Long was already a dog at his side, he wouldn’t need to worry that this dog would fight with him over the position. Afterwards, he would just need to control all of the people that want to split the Tang Family.

Tang ZhengTian faintly smiled. “Alright, if Little Jiu doesn’t come, then just treat it as though the Tang Family doesn’t have this woman. Hahaha, truly when girls grow up they can’t be made to stay. In the future you guys as her older brothers have to help me take care of her.”

“Uncle Tang, blame me as an older brother for being useless. After seeing Jiu-mei, I didn’t have the ability to bring her back.” Tang YiFei cried fake tears like a cat would for a mouse, and said, “If that day I was able to bring Jiu-mei back, today wouldn’t have happened.”

Tang ZhengTian paused, “What happens today? Hehe, right now you’re asserting too early. Maybe Little Jiu will still come back. For a man to be able to control her, I’m afraid hasn’t been born yet.”

Tang YiFei clenched his teeth, inside cursing, but his face still had a slight smile. “Yes, perhaps in a bit Tang Jiu will come back.”

After saying this, Tang YiFei turned his head and his expression changed, inside thinking, “Geezer that still isn’t dead, wait and see if you were stubborn or not.” At the same time, Tang YiFei felt a bit of panic inside, because Tang Jiu’s car already appeared in JiBei City. Even though he immediately sent people to intercept, but without 100% certainty before, Tang YiFei wouldn’t dare to talk big.

Finally, just as Tang YiFei was feeling anxious, XiongZi’s phone call came. Inside he became delighted, quickly walking out of the big hall of the Tang Family’s villa and quickly walking out to the courtyard outside and answering, “Speak.”

On the phone, XiongZi said sullenly, “Second Young Master, we weren’t able to stop Miss Jiu.”

Tang YiFei’s expression changed, and in a dark voice said, “Useless! If you can’t even stop Miss Jiu, what can you do?! Hmph, XiongZi, was it because Miss Jiu gave you something good? It looks to me like you want to betray me.”

“No!” Upon hearing on XiongZi’s side he became panicked. “Second Young Master, listen to me explain. If it was just Miss Jiu we definitely wouldn’t have let her go. That person Miss Jiu brought is an elite! I’m completely no match for him, one squeeze of his hand crushed my gun.”

Tang YiFei was surprised – it seems that Tang Jiu brought that one guy from that night, could it be that Little Jiu really managed such a troublesome person?

Hmph! Tang YiFei coldly laughed, even if she brought that uncouth man over here, I still have a way for you to never return. The Tang Family is so big, not something that one outsider would be able to stir up trouble. Since XiongZi couldn’t stop him, then he could also use another expert. Isn’t he just an elite? Not something that the Tang Family couldn’t hire.

After heavily hanging up the phone, Tang YiFei immediately made a call to a number, and with a slightly respectful tone he said, “Shura, I have a matter I need to trouble you with…..”



With Xu Yun’s help, Tang Jiu broke through XiongZi’s entrapment, directly hurrying back to her family’s villa. She looked at the time, plenty to hurry back for the start of the meeting, but she still sped up the car’s speed, because she didn’t know if there would still be someone else that wanted to obstruct her. If she couldn’t make it to the family gathering, everything would be in vain.

Xu Yun could see Tang Jiu’s tenseness, and said some words to calm her down. “Is all I have to do is to stand in front of everyone in the Tang Family, to help you rightly and properly get the Tang Family’s right of inheritance?”

“That will depend on your performance. If it was that simple, I wouldn’t need to have you come. JiBei City has many, many people that could be used.” Tang Jiu said, “Xu Yun, you ought to know that the Tang Family has no shortage of elites. Earlier, those people were minions who were incapable of stepping onto the stage. They won’t use that kind of trash to handle you. This is just the beginning.”

Xu Yun faintly smiled. “Oh? Is that so…….hey, I really have to get ready, luckily I also brought an elite with me.”

With that Xu Yun looked back at Qiu Yan, and Qiu Yan was expressionless, without the slightest indication that she would act. In coming, of course she wouldn’t just stand idly by – GuoGuo and Tang Jiu had become sworn sisters. As a person of the Feng Clan, of course  she would go all out.

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