Yao Nie Bing Wang (WSK) Chapter 154-155

Chapter 154

Fourth of July post! The weekend was busy, and actually we almost forgot to post. Good thing it was worked on in advance, so we could still be super late…

Kept making the weirdest errors again! The things most familiar with come out strangely when translating while reading, that disconnect between the English part of the brain and the Chinese one…

Happy 4th of July for those it applies to~

No translation notes since this took so long, happy reading!


Jinan, apparently known for hot springs, and Marco Polo once visited.


4 thoughts on “Yao Nie Bing Wang (WSK) Chapter 154-155”

  1. Looking at your pictures, China seems so pretty. It didn’t feel that way when I went to Hong Kong or Beijing though.


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