Chapter 154: The Softness of a Butt

Tang Jiu’s lips slightly opened, and extremely quiet words came from the slit of those enchanting vermilion lips. “Are you ready?”

Preparing for what?! Xu Yun cried foul to the heavens, holy damn, no matter what was said he was still a strapping 20-something year old young man, how could he withstand Tang Jiu being so tormenting? In appearance, you Tang Jiu could be said to be captivating to birds and beasts, and in qualities would definitely outshine the moon and shame the flowers; and then inexplicably without any script you sat your butt on ge – this was simply looking down on ge as though I’m not a man!

Perhaps earlier Tang Jiu sat too anxiously, and so she was uncomfortable and then made slight adjustments. That rich flexible little perky butt again softly twisted in his lap several times.

Oh damn! Wasn’t sitting here already finishing it? You still want to play through like this? Xu Yun quickly let out a deep breath, if there was some kind of reaction in front of such a big crowd, wouldn’t that be extremely embarrassing? Damn, Tang Jiu, you said you had no problems if ge helped you, but you should’ve said clearly what would’ve crossed the line – for example if you said you’d give 100 bucks, and then ge goes to help you bathe, and then after bathing you said you want to add full complementary services.

Luckily Xu Yun wasn’t a pushover. No matter what was said he was an Ultra Elite, and more or less he’d have some ability to resist. After a burst of suppression in his dantian, more or less Xu Yun settled the rush of blood to the head earlier.

Hell, if not for this big crowd, Xu Yun would’ve already flipped Tang Jiu over and immediately brandished his sword for the capitol, but now Xu Yun could only quietly take deep breaths – deep breaths, continue deep breaths, and have his surging ‘appendage’ completely calm down.

Tang ZhengTian saw his daughter so willing and was very surprised. In the past after his daughter’s twentieth birthday, there were so many that went up to her to propose that even he could not count them all.

Of course there was no shortage of talents in this young generation – the Gu Mechanical Clan’s only son, twenty-eight years old and returning in honor after studying abroad to continue the family business, doubled the sales of the Gu Mechanical Clan’s business within one year.

Blue Sky Group’s young master of the Dong Family built two new kinds of modern factories within three years, producing car parts as fast as moving clouds and water currents. In JiBei, he was absolutely a rare and talented young man.

Besides these, there were still many more, all as capable as desired, all as handsome as desired, and all with respectable families as desired – they were all huge Mr. Perfects. Behind this young generation’s ass was an unknowable amount of women conspiring and fighting in the open and in secret, but shockingly Tang Jiu didn’t set her sights on any of them.

But the heavens trouble men, and all of these Mr. Perfects fell in love at first sight of Tang Jiu. For Tang Jiu, that whole circle of guys even fought seriously, some of them even formerly had good relationships with each other – and now when they saw each other their eyes went red at the sight of their enemies.

This was luck that messes with a man. Tang ZhengTian smiled faintly inside, who would’ve thought that finally there would be a man able to make the miss of his family to be so willingly dedicated. Truly, when the daughter grows up she doesn’t stay; the time of the Tang Family’s most precious daughter being conquered had come.

“Xu Yun.” Tang Jiu suddenly spoke up, her voice as clear as an oriole leaving the valley, crisp and clear. “Uncle SanGuo and the  eight uncles and others don’t believe there is love between us. We should prove for them to see shouldn’t we?”

“Okay.” Xu Yun’s expression was as calm as clouds in a gentle breeze, but inside he was muttering “Oh crap!” He didn’t even know how Tang Jiu wanted to prove it, and he was still in front of GuoGuo and Qiu Yan. If you do something that crosses the line, then if GuoGuo goes back and tells Ruan QingShuang, then would he still be cool with her?

Without the slightest hesitation from Tang Jiu, just as Xu Yun finished, Tang Jiu directly nestled up, using those bare, shiny, vermilion lip-gloss lips and sealed Xu Yun’s mouth.

Xu Yun’s brain hummed, and he couldn’t help but to recite to himself: red lips and white teeth, with the elegance of jade.

Those soft vermillion lips like two pieces of ice-cold gelatins squeezed over, and Xu Yun couldn’t help but to latch on – this was f*cking human instinct alright! Xu Yun’s eyes stared, oh damn, a feeling like an arrow on a bow that could not help but to be fired from it.

At first Tang Jiu’s heart was still carrying a sack of stones, but truly in the instant when their lips met, her whole body became soft. This kind of electrifying feeling all over her body made her nearly unable to handle it, and just in an instant, the moment when Xu Yun latched onto her lips, her whole body became limp in Xu Yun’s embrace; limp, delicate and fluttering most vividly and thoroughly reflected it.

Qiu Yan’s gaze instantly shifted to another place. GuoGuo quickly used both hands to cover her eyes, but clearly she could see through the gaps of her fingers, and over and over repeated something about ‘not being suitable for children’, that the conversation truly was not considering what she should be seeing, and so on.

With this kiss, everyone at the scene were astonished – they knew that Tang Jiu’s standards were high. It wasn’t just her father Tang ZhengTian who knew that she didn’t esteem any man, all of Tang Jiu’s uncles and brothers were very clear about this. This was also the reason that Tang Yi would ask for her to prove it, because he didn’t believe that Tang Jiu would have any kind of intimate contact with this man.

But Tang Jiu’s actions shocked even distant relatives of the Tang Family all over.

At first Tang Jiu who had only done it to be convincing, began to enjoy this gentle feeling more and more. She had never thought that it turns out a kiss was such a tender thing; before Tang Jiu thought that this was just a kind of possessive performance of men – who would’ve thought that unexpectedly she would love this kind of engrossing feeling.

There was even less to mention with Xu Yun. At first he was silent, grudging and plus there was no way out, and now he didn’t care about anything. If he died, so be it. How did that saying go? Dying beneath the peony blossoms, being a ghost is also outstanding romance! Today ge insists on outstanding romance, this way this experience will be worth remembering right?

The performance of the two of them since the beginning, till now when they had entered the realm of ecstasy, was completely out of an instinctive reaction of human beings. The first superficial touch to the French kiss now, these things truly didn’t need to be taught…..

Surprisingly this kiss lasted more than a minute, directly until Tang Jiu couldn’t breathe. Only then did the two of them reluctantly part.

*Cough*. Tang ZhengTian lightly coughed, a father giving them a reminder that after all this was a crowd, and also in front of him, the father. After all Chinese people aren’t as open as the West, especially the generation of Tang ZhengTian and the others.

Xu Yun also quickly settled his mind, if he kept going deeper it would be trouble.

Tang Jiu’s face flushed and couldn’t calm. Even though her gaze shifted to the crowd in the hall, but she still used those unmoving lips to whisper in a low voice to Xu Yun, “What are you using to poke me? It’s really hard, hurry and take it away.”

Xu Yun froze for a moment – both of ge’s hands are holding you, and earlier he was only concerned with enjoying the softness, who would be able to play a trick in poking you? And also with this large crowd, he wasn’t that kind of no-class person.

Tang Jiu slightly frowned, and once again shifted her body, urging, “Hurry and take it away.”

Xu Yun only felt an electric current heading to the BaiHui meridian on the top of his head, holy sh*t! Only now did he realize that he had a reaction, this was really embarrassing right?! What Tang Jiu said was poking her, was because of good-for-nothing ‘little Xu Yun”.

“It’s not that I’m poking you…’s my ‘brother’……Xu Yun tried to suppress his voice as much as possible, would this allow him to live? “If you keep moving around, then I wouldn’t be able to control it even more.”

Tang Jiu instantly understood what Xu Yun meant, and her whole face blushed as red as an apple. Her next reaction was naturally to get up and quickly leave, but Xu Yun didn’t let her go, his hands tightly clasped around Tang Jiu’s waist, and having her sit still on him.

“I’ll be damned, big sis. If you get up now, that would be intentionally showing this embarrassing thing, these pants are thin.” Xu Yun’s face had a faint smile looking at everyone, his lips faintly moving, his voice was so low that only Tang Jiu could hear him say, “Without saying that all your people are here, GuoGuo is also peeking. No matter what you have to let me as a dad keep some face okay?”

Tang Jiu let out a deep breath, squeezing out a word between her teeth, “Scoundrel.”

Xu Yun also tried to control the hormones rushing into his blood as best he could. “Me? Scoundrel? It was you that put your butt on me. When you did that you didn’t think about how I’d feel? Ge is a hot-blooded 20-something year old, to be able to sit on a lap without letting the mind wander, besides Liu XiaHui that dude that isn’t a man, then the only thing left is a eunuch…..”

“……..” Tang Jiu had no words to further argue, and could only sit still in Xu Yun’s lap, and let that thing that made people ashamed poke her. “Then hurry and make it shrink!”

Xu Yun was completely speechless, “If it was up to daddy, I wouldn’t have let it go up earlier!”

In this moment, Tang Yi led an applause, his expression carrying a not at all sincere smile, and giving blessings. “I truly hadn’t thought that Jiu-mei left JiBei City for such few days and found true love. It seems that a hero has come from HeDong City. Alright, then we’ll see just what kind of abilities the man Jiu-mei has chosen has. Second Uncle, Seventh Uncle, Eighth Uncle, dad, brothers, we’ll all wait and see eh?”

“Alright.” Tang SanGuo’s nose let out a heavy scoff.

GuoGuo with a hand on her waist said to the crowd. “Don’t look down on people so much. My daddy isn’t an ordinary person like all of you. Hmph, my daddy is Superman.”

Tang ZhengTian didn’t give the others a chance to speak, raising his hand with a slight push, he lightly said, “You are all very clear about the condition of my health. Since Little Jiu has brought back the person she believes in, then of course I as a father have to give them a chance, and let them try. Also I hope that all you as uncles will help Little Jiu and him a lot.”

“Tian-ge, don’t worry. We definitely will.” Tang ZhenFeng got up and said. As it was, he could only say some nice words. “Since it’s so, then we will stop here. You should rest early.”

While speaking, Tang HuaZhong and Tang WanHe also got up, and each told Tang ZhengTian to rest earlier, and be mindful of his health.

The only one unsatisfied with this was Tang SanGuo. Not being able to split the family was his regret, because in the Tang Family he had two children, and also two sons. If the family split, he would get double portions, and also the biggest. Splitting the Tang Family was favorable to him, but seeing the position of today, it looks like the plan of the three of them had been completely destroyed.

Tang SanGuo grudgingly also got up, “Ge, get some good rest. We will head back first. If there’s anything else then mention it later. ShaoFeng, Little Yi, say goodbye to Uncle Tang.”

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