Chapter 158: Xu Yun’s Suspicions

“Xu Yun, stop keeping the suspense, just how is my father’s illness?” Currently Tang Jiu was only single-mindedly worried about her father’s illness. “Hurry and say it, I’m worried to death. Tell me how to treat it.”

Xu Yun let out a deep sigh, and finally said, “Master Tang’s illness completely isn’t caused by a problem of his body, but someone has been secretly giving Master Tang medicine that’s bad for the heart for a long time. There are a type of drugs that within a short period of time, a small dose is good for the heart, but long term usage or an overdose will cause heart problems.”

Earlier Tang ZhengTian had already become aware of such a problem, so he had Tang Jiu come over to hear it.

Tang Jiu heard and her brow furrowed up. “Xu Yun, what do you mean? You’re saying that for a while, someone has been secretly giving my dad poison? Could I be a fool? I would watch calmly as an unloyal person gives poison to my dad?”

“Can you bring Master Tang’s medicine over here?” Xu Yun said, “I’ll prove it for you to see.”

Tang Jiu immediately did Xu Yun’s order and took out all the medicine of the home. Xu Yun didn’t hesitate and opened all of them; medicine was a very delicate thing, as a master of medicine, Xu Yun had a great understanding of this. Medicine, when used right could save a person, at the same time, when used too much it could harm a person.

Very quickly Xu Yun took out a bottle of quinidine pills. “This is an important medicine used in treating arrhythmia, but when the blood concentration is above six micrograms a liter, it will cause paroxysmal tachycardia and even ventricular fibrillation, and can also induce coronary thrombosis, stroke, causing sudden loss of consciousness, spasms of the limbs and even stopping breathing.”

Tang Jiu widened her eyes, she hadn’t thought that Xu Yun would have such a deep understanding of medicine.

Tang ZhengTian looked at Xu Yun with interest, this young person’s performance was really getting more and more outstanding, no wonder Little Jiu would be so mesmerized. Even though Tang ZhengTian vaguely felt that the connection between the two was absolutely not that type, but he could confirm that his daughter was attracted.

“Yellow foxglove and digoxin are used in treating heart failure, but if used in excess, it can cause arrhythmia, atrioventricular blockage, or congestive heart failure. Without timely treatment, it can cause ventricular fibrillation and death.” Xu Yun spoke while turning, saying, “Aminophylline overdose can cause tachycardia in the heart atriums, with respiratory distress caused by ventricular fibrillation. If lidocaine is used in excess it will likely cause a drop in blood pressure, and even a heart attack……”

Tang Jiu didn’t understand what Xu Yun was saying, and she didn’t want to hear anymore. “Even if you say these aren’t good, but my daddy definitely hasn’t incorrectly taken them.”

Tang ZhengTian nodded. “Xu Yun, what Jiu said is right, I have never incorrectly taken these medicines, and even if I needed to, it was also as the doctor prescribed, absolutely cannot be wrong.”

“Master Tang……well, I should call you Uncle Tang, calling you Master Tang makes you appear old.” Xu Yun faintly smiled and continued saying, “Uncle Tang, what I want to say is, if a person without heart disease takes these, it will disrupt the ability of the heart to function. Do you understand what I mean?”

“When my dad wasn’t sick what medicine was there to take?” Tang Jiu frowned. “Xu Yun, just what do you want to say?”

Tang ZhengTian’s expression had already begun to change to unsightliness. As best he could, he didn’t want to think carelessly, or think too much, but his body still couldn’t help trembling a bit.

“What I want to say is, for a while someone has been adding these medicines that could cause disruption of heart function into Uncle Tang’s food, until it caused the current state of Uncle Tang now.” Xu Yun said it extremely seriously, without the slightest intent of joking.

Even a child like GuoGuo could understand Xu Yun’s meaning, and immediately covered her little mouth, looking at Tang Jiu and Tang ZhengTian in shock.

At the moment Tang Jiu was angry, and gave Xu Yun a fierce push, berating him. “Xu Yun! What do you mean? When my daddy is home all the dishes are personally prepared by Aunt Xue, and she absolutely would not allow for other people to touch them! Just now Aunt Xue doubted you out of consideration for me and my father, you wouldn’t go so far as to put the blame on Aunt Xue would you?”

“Jiu! Be a little more polite to the guest!” Tang ZhengTian shouted.

Xu Yun didn’t care about being pushed by Tang Jiu, and faintly smiled. “Uncle Tang has no few banquets outside, and inside it’s not as though it is impossible for someone to do it, I didn’t say Aunt Xue.”

“But most of the time it’s Aunt Xue that takes care of our daily needs!” Tang Jiu was still very angry, “Xu Yun, I’m warning you to not carelessly say things!”

GuoGuo couldn’t help but to stand out and help speak for Xu Yun. “Little Jiu-jiejie, my dad is well-intentioned, so don’t blame him. He’s always been saying it as it is, absolutely not saying bad things just because that auntie suspected him earlier! My dad isn’t that kind of person, you ought to know.”

Xu Yun didn’t know whether to laugh or cry as he looked at GuoGuo, this little kid was more protective of her own than him.

“Xu Yun, I’m sorry.” After Tang Jiu calmed down she became aware that Xu Yun wasn’t the type of person to talk nonsense. “Indeed earlier I was a bit too excited, just treat it as though I didn’t say those words earlier. I really didn’t mean it.”

“It’s nothing.” Xu Yun waved his hand and smiled. “I know you guys believe in Aunt Xue, and this is nothing more than a deduction. In a bit Aunt Xue will prepare a meal, I only need to taste it and I’ll know.”

Tang Jiu’s brow deeply furrowed, “Daddy, we suspect Aunt Xue so much, I always feel……”

“It’s not suspicion, this is to help clear you Aunt Xue.” Tang ZhengTian slightly smiled, “I also don’t believe Aunt Xue would do such a thing, however, since Xu Yun has said it, we also have to believe what he says.”

Xu Yun faintly smiled, “I also hope that this has nothing to do with Aunt Xue.”

Just in this moment, Aunt Xue gave them the notification of dinner. Tang ZhengTian laughed jovially as he stood up. “Let’s go, no matter what, Xu Yun please try Aunt Xue’s handiwork, the panacea cuisine she makes is pretty good.”

“How about it Xu Yun? My dad also said that Aunt Xue’s handiwork is really very good, not lacking compared to you.” Tang Jiu also blew away the haze from earlier, and even unconsciously held Xu Yun’s arm.

Tang Zhengtian was surprised. “Xu Yun can also cook?”

“The chef of a panacea restaurant.” Tang Jiu proudly presented.

GuoGuo ran outside with a cry, “I’ll go call Qiu Yan-jiejie! You guys go first.”

After the several of them sat down, Aunt Xue placed several of her specialty panacea cuisine dishes, and Xu Yun didn’t bother with politeness and picked up the chopsticks. “Uncle Tang, then I won’t stand on ceremony. On the road I didn’t eat anything, I’m really a bit hungry.”

Tang ZhengTian faintly smiled, he knew what Xu Yun meant and smiled. “Come, you’re a guest, please enjoy.”

“Alright, heh heh, then I’ll try these first.” With that Xu Yun directly picked up his chopsticks and put food directly in his mouth.

Because GuoGuo was very suspicious that this old auntie would put poison in the dishes, so she went ahead and said everything earlier to Qiu Yan – GuoGuo with her stomach grumbling could only fake a smile and say she wasn’t hungry.

After Xu Yun tasted it he couldn’t help but to praise saying, “Aunt Xue has good skills!”

Aunt Xue stood to the side expressionless, even if Xu Yun said that, she had no smile. In a cold light voice she said, “Is this little girl afraid I put poison in the dishes? Your stomach is grumbling, but you’re still not willing to eat one bite. You are really too careful.”

“Nonono, I didn’t say that. I just don’t want to eat.” GuoGuo was really unwilling to provoke Aunt Xue, and inside she muttered “taking advantage of being respected” but she didn’t dare to make a sound.

In these dishes Xu Yun didn’t taste anything wrong with them, and he motioned that there was no problem. For Tang Jiu, a big sack of stones in her heart instantly loosened.

Aunt Xue had a cold expression, she seemed to be able to see what Xu Yun was doing. Once the meal was pretty much done, Aunt Xue served a small bowl of boiled fungus and fig and put it in front of Tang ZhengTian. “Eat it while it’s hot.”

“Aunt Xue, what about us?” Xu Yun immediately said.

“This was the only preparation, sorry, there is no share for you.” Aunt Xue did not hesitate.

Tang ZhengTian looked at the boiled fungus and fig in front of him, and thought of Xu Yun’s words; could it be that the soup he had every meal was the culprit?

Xu Yun smiled gleefully in front of Tang ZhengTian’s bowl of soup and put it in front of him. “I’m sorry Uncle Tang, I’m a greedy person, and I’m not giving it up, since I’m a guest, then give it to me to drink yeah?”

Tang ZhengTian faintly smiled; he knew what Xu Yun meant.

“No! This wasn’t made for you!” Aunt Xue angrily said, her expression had changed.

The stones in Tang Jiu’s heart that had been put down were once again hanging – for such a big reaction of Aunt Xue, could it be because there was a shadow over her heart? Fungus and figs was a soup that her father had after every meal – this was also the most likely to have those heart function-damaging medicines.

Xu Yun completely didn’t care about Aunt Xue’s words, directly picking up that bowl of soup and drinking.

GuoGuo watched in fear and apprehension – because Aunt Xue’s reaction was so big, no matter what GuoGuo felt that that was a bowl of poison, whoever drank it was screwed.

Xu Yun directly drank it dry in one breath, putting the bowl on the table and stroking his chin. To Aunt Xue he praised, “Aunt Xue, the level of this soup is too high, there is a lot of resistance between a variety of ingredients and medicine; to be able to use the fundamental flavors of ingredients to cover up the taste of medicine, these skills are definitely not something an ordinary person could acquire.”

Aunt Xue coldly looked at Xu Yun, and without the slightest happiness said, “Thank you.”

Xu Yun’s ambiguous words struck fear into Tang Jiu’s whole body, she was really afraid that Xu Yun would say that Aunt Xue had really put in heart-function-harming medicine into her father’s soup……

Tang ZhengTian also quietly sat and waited for Xu Yun’s reply. Inside he was already prepared, if this matter really was connected to Aunt Xue, then it was the heavens wanting to kill him.

Of course, the only one hoping that Xu Yun would directly expose Aunt Xue was GuoGuo – this way she could openly point at Aunt Xue’s nose and say she was an old witch and an old monster! And she wouldn’t need to look at the expression she was making, because GuoGuo felt that this Aunt Xue was the only reason she wasn’t happy in the Tang Family villa.

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