Chapter 156: Not Recognizing a Good Person’s Intent

Tang ZhenFeng was ridiculed by the younger generation, but he still strongly suppressed his anger. At this time, Sable and Jackal who had been told to stay by Tang YiFei came forward.

“Where is Second Young Master!” Tang ZhenFeng used all his strength to control the anger inside. All of this was because his son couldn’t keep cool and invited it – he absolutely wouldn’t let him off.

Sable bowed and said, “He already left.”

Tang ZhenFeng’s mouth twitched, and clenching his teeth he angrily said, “I don’t care what means you use, immediately bring him to my house! I’ll wait for him at home!”

“Second Uncle, please don’t get angry. Be careful on the road.” Xu Yun added fuel to the fire. “If you’re antsy and something happens, then you won’t see the day that I drown to death.”

Tang ZhenFeng scoffed. “Then I’ll thank you, and don’t you worry, I, Tang ZhenFeng, have had a very hard life. We’ll wait and see, and we’ll see who is first to lose their footing. Young people, don’t be so opinionated, you are very good, but not good enough to the point of being supreme over the people of the Tang Family!!”

After saying all this, Tang ZhenFeng opened the door and went into his BMW 7 Series and angrily stepped on the gas to drive off!

Xu Yun wasn’t done yet, waving from the back while appearing anxious he yelled, “Second Uncle, drive slower, we don’t need to hastily drive to reincarnation in a panic – it’s not so bad that you need to put your life on it!”

A burst of chills came over several people of the crowd of Tang family members – this guy was really bold, to unexpectedly be so dismissive of a Tang ZhenFeng’s position. Even if Tang ZhenFeng couldn’t hear from having driven too far, but perhaps no one would dare to yell it so loudly.

Xu Yun glanced at Tang Qun and Tang WanXin, these guys without any backing, and with a smile without the slightest sin he said, “Fifth Brother, Sixth Brother, be careful on the road. Wait for a time when I invite you for a drink.”

Aiya damn, Tang Qun and Tang WanXin felt an instant warm feeling to their hearts. In all of the people in this generation of the Tang Family, besides the two of them inviting each other to drink, those brothers had really not had any occasion where others invited them, they had always looked down on them.

“Brother, with those words, Fifth Brother will listen to you!” Tang Qun immediately made his position clear; instantly this outsider was esteemed.

Tang WanXin secretly tugged at Tang Qun’s sleeve, motioning Tang Qun to be careful for the walls have ears. Without knowing just what this guy’s capability was and wanting to stand on his side was simply a reckless bet – by then when he died he wouldn’t even know how he died.

“If you want to attract power then you’ve got the wrong person.” Tang WanXin directly said, “The Tang Family won’t help you in anything, see ya!” With that he urged Tang Qun to get in the car, and the two of them, one in front and one in back left, two luxury cars drifted away.

Tang Long who hadn’t gone out of the villa heard it all clear as day – inside he further didn’t dare to take Xu Yun lightly. This guy’s eyes were quite venomous, to know who would be the easiest to pull at a time like this. He was able to see that those two guys were the people with the lowest position in the Tang Family, but he didn’t look down on them. This was a place where Xu Yun excelled in, at this time what he was going for was to tug at their hearts, to be able to get the two of them grateful to him. Even though the two of them had the least position in the Tang Family, but they were still members of the Tang Family. As long as they were Tang Family members, then there was the possibility that they could help him at any critical time.

Tang Long let out a deep breath, making his expression appear a bit panicky as best he could, and then in a hurried panic he ran to Xu Yun. “Uncle Tang has a problem with his heart, hurry and go in for a look. I’m worried that without him, Jiu-mei will suffer. Today’s situation is special, I won’t stay. I’m afraid that if Uncle Tang and Jiu-mei see me they will be angry. Ai, I won’t say. Saying too much will cause misunderstanding. I’ll leave first.”

Xu Yun’s brow faintly crinkled. “Long-ge be careful on the road.”

Tang Long drove his Volkswagen Phaeton and then quickly left. He should be the last person to leave – those so-called Tang Family members who didn’t have the right to speak had entirely come out of nosiness. With today’s trouble, they were fearful of being harmed, and retreated early.

Xu Yun watched that Volkswagen Phaeton far off, and inside thought that this Tang Long indeed had depth. Just from his car it could be seen: a top 12-cylinder Phaeton, worth 2 million, but its appearance looked like a big Passat. Its appearance low profile, but inside it was very luxurious and comfortable.

Why Tang Long would buy such a car, only he would know. This car’s appearance was the most low-key among his brothers, compared to that Range Rover, Porsche Cayenne, and Audi Q7 and the like of SUVs, and compared to the Porsche 911, Nissan GTR, and also the Audi R8 and the like of sports cars. The Phaeton’s appearance simply had the existence of a beggar among these. At a glance, no one could see that he spent 2.5+ million.

Tang Long did this exactly to have the crowd of brothers forget his existence, but his enjoyment wasn’t lower than other peoples’, such that the price of his car among all of the cars of people in the Tang Family was in the middle or upper-middle levels.

Earlier when Xu Yun saw Tang SanGuo off, he heard the sounds of Tang Long’s steps, but it was a while before he came forward, waiting for everyone to leave before he pretended to be especially anxious and ran over, telling him Tang ZhengTian had had a heart attack.

Obviously, if Tang ZhengTian really had a serious heart disease, then for him to pretend coming out in a panic was truly evil enough, but if Tang ZhengTian wasn’t in as much danger as he said, then this would only show that this person hadn’t intended to make Xu Yun worry.

No matter what, Xu Yun should go in first and then see.

Once Xu Yun went inside, GuoGuo charged over, and told Xu Yun about what had just happened inside, and learned that nothing big had happened. Xu Yun was relieved.

Tang Jiu’s expression finally showed a trace of easing. “Have they all left?”

“All gone.” Xu Yun faintly smiled, “If you’re worried about me, then can I take a look at Master Tang’s sickness?”

Without waiting for Tang Jiu to speak, Aunt Xue was first to speak. “Examining a sickness is a doctor’s business, people without set jobs shouldn’t recklessly examine!”

Tang Jiu hesitated, and heard that Aunt Xue’s tone towards Xu Yun was especially poor. This made her a bit unsightly – one side was Aunt Yi, an old servant of the Tang Family that even her father had three times the respect for, and the other side was Xu Yun for whom she had gone through great difficulty to request his help for in HeDong City. If she didn’t help that side it would seem embarrassing.

Fortunately, Xu Yun didn’t care, and faintly smiled.

Tang ZhengTian saw that Xu Yun was able to dim another person’s misunderstanding so well, and his appreciation increased some more, and he couldn’t help but to secretly nod in approval.

“Aunt Xue, Xu Yun is of good will.” Tang Jiu helped Xu Yun explain.

GuoGuo wasn’t so happy. “Hmph, what’s the big deal? This is really not recognizing good intentions. Ordinarily whoever wants to request my daddy for an examination, even if they rolled out the red carpet they couldn’t get him to do it. Today he took the initiative to help you and you guys actually have this kind of attitude.”

Ah crap! Xu Yun nearly choked on his breath, GuoGuo saying this was too much, simply putting him at the likes of Hua Tuo and Bian Que, the level of legendary doctors. If he really didn’t have the ability for people to see, by then wouldn’t he just get laughed at by Aunt Xue?

That Aunt Xue hadn’t reacted wasn’t at all because GuoGuo was a child. Her expression was still calm, and lightly she said to Tang Jiu. “Jiu, Aunt Xue knows that since you were little you always had your own ideas. Aunt Xue also always believed in your sight. The person that you have chosen definitely wouldn’t be wrong, and will certainly be a dragon among men.”

Tang Jiu let out a breath. “Yes Aunt Xue, and that’s why Xu Yun is very talented.”

“Um…….” Xu Yun didn’t understand, was this disguised praise from Aunt Xue? Still, this Aunt Xue really was……how to say it?

GuoGuo heard these words and became happy, rapidly saying, “These words sound reasonable. Hmph, would the daddy I’ve chosen suck? If he wasn’t a dragon among men, then I, Feng GuoGuo also wouldn’t choose him. Heh heh, Little Jiu-jiejie, worthy of us as sisters, even in spotting people we’re just as accurate.”

Tang Jiu rapidly nodded.

Qiu Yan was silent. With such a big hat, she was really worried that if Xu Yun wore it he wouldn’t be able to fill it.

“However.” These two words of Aunt Xue directly froze the proudness on Tang Jiu and GuoGuo’s faces. She continued saying, “Currently this is a special period. Jiu, you know best about the condition of your father’s health. At this time no one can take this lightly. Aunt Xue believes in you, but this time please respect Aunt Xue doubting the person you have chosen. I won’t easily allow any outsiders to have a chance to come into contact with your father. If anything happens, then in this life I really will have wronged the Tang Family.”

Gloom flashed over Tang Jiu’s face. “Aunt Xue, don’t say that, I know you doing that is for the good of the Tang Family, and for the good of me and my father. I understand, I really do.”

After all Tang Jiu was a member of the Tang Family, her understanding was normal, but how would GuoGuo and Qiu Yan understand? How would Xu Yun understand?

“What if then some bad person wants to step in and take advantage then what? Jiu, you’re still young, society is dangerous. Sometimes, you can never let your guard down.” Aunt Xue’s words truly were a bit excessive – at the very least even Tang ZhengTian felt that they were a bit excessive.

Even though on the surface Xu Yun said nothing, but inside he was more or less had a bit of unhappiness. He had come with good intentions, but up to here, someone had ungratefully sent him back, not recognizing good intentions. Of course he wouldn’t be comfy.

GuoGuo wasn’t happy, but immediately made her position clear. “Little Jiu-jiejie, even though the two of us are sisters, but the words of your family’s auntie are too hard to listen to! Making me and my dad come race over here for half a day to JiBei City to come help you, and to actually become bad people taking advantage of coming in and conquering your Tang Family’s assets – in this case, then we’ll go home! Excuse us from this place where people won’t even give us a face to show.”

“GuoGuo, don’t make it harder.” Of course Tang Jiu was anxious. She was afraid that if Xu Yun was angry he’d really leave, anyways she had this kind of temper – if right now she was Xu Yun and Aunt Xue had talked to her like that, there was a 100% chance she’d flip out.

GuoGuo’s little face was angry till it reddened. “Am I making it harder? Little Jiu-jiejie, what I said was true! There isn’t even the most basic respect, really letting me down too much! I absolutely won’t permit my daddy being so bullied by people and saying these things!”

Xu Yun was already beyond loving this little kid, she really knew when she should come out and help her godfather say things.

“Aunt Xue, look at what you pushed them to, you…, I…….” Tang Jiu was anxious to death, she had never gotten angry at Aunt Xue since she was little, and so now she couldn’t say it, and could only keep it all to herself. “GuoGuo, Xu Yun, blame me okay? I apologize to you okay?”

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