Chapter 152: Unable to Take One Blow

Even though now Tang YiFei had been ostracized by the family, but Xu Yun didn’t see that kind of true panic in him. If the Tang Family was really going to throw him out and for him to lose this big backing, then there would absolutely not be this kind of expression on Tang YiFei’s face.

Tang YiFei seemed to be waiting for something, he wouldn’t to give everyone in the Tang Family a big surprise.

Tang WanXin once again secretly pulled on Tang Qun’s sleeve, and in a low voice said, “It looks like now Second Brother wants to go break cordiality with the whole family. Fifth Brother, do you think he wants to have Ghost Face Shura do something?”

“What are you kidding!” Tang Qun’s expression changed. “No matter what, everyone is of the Tang Family, he wouldn’t go that extreme right? Ghost Face Shura should be invited by him to deal with outsiders.”

Tang WanXin laughed mischievously, “Outsiders? By now Second Brother already acts like all of us as outsiders. The reason he hired Ghost Face Shura is for no other reason than to scare the people on Uncle Tang’s side.”

Tang Qun frowned. “The people on Uncle Tang’s side have long been bought out by him, who did you see coming today? Hmph, Uncle Tang also knows, that’s why he didn’t have Sable and Jackal participate in the family meeting. He even bought off Sable and Jackal, why would he need spend serious cash to invite Ghost Face Shura? Hmph, in history everyone knew the villain Sima Zhao’s ambitions. Today, even if Third Uncle, Third and Fourth Brother and the others make a stink about splitting, just the same he would steal the Tang Family from Uncle Tang and Jiu-mei.”

“Fifth Brother, who said that Sable and Jackal hadn’t come?” I saw them earlier”, Tang WanXin said.

Tang Qun paused, it seemed that the plot today was no small thing. He had clearly heard a conversation between Tang YiFei and Tang Long that the two great elites at Tang ZhengTian’s side had all been purchased by Tang YiFei at a hefty price. Now these two had appeared here, certainly this wasn’t some good sh*t.

Tang YiFei suddenly laughed towards the sky, yelling loudly towards the door, “Sable! Jackal!”

Just as the words finished, two men about thirty-five years old with sturdy builds walked into the great hall of the Tang Family, one in front and one in back. The one in front was tall and even, but the outrageous muscles on his whole body were terrifying, even through clothing. The one behind was clearly taller by one head with veins erupting from his temples – with one glance it could be seen that they didn’t have ordinary training.

Tang SanGuo’s expression changed. These two people had always followed Tang ZhengTian as his left and right hands. With one stomp of Sable who was in front, all of JiBei would shake thrice, and the elite behind him Jackal, was hard to find a worthy opponent for him in all of JiBei City. Most importantly, the two of them had followed Tang ZhengTian for at least 10+ years, and were always staunchly loyal – why would they be used by Tang YiFei?

Tang ZhengTian smiled with a squint as he watched the two of them come in. No one was a stranger in the Tang Family towards these two, their great deeds for the establishment of the Tang Family were difficult to match by everyone in the Tang Family, so Tang ZhengTian especially regarded them highly.

“Sable, Jackle, I really haven’t seen you for days.” Tang ZhengTian faintly smiled, and then lightly said, “What? Think that I’m a bag of bones and won’t last? Want to turn from the dark and towards the light as soon as possible? Heh heh, then I want to tell you, when looking for a lord you have to look clearly. Never join the wrong side, that could be beyond redemption.”

Sable and Jackal didn’t even dare to look towards Tang ZhengTian. They were also forced to, and also had their own struggles, but betrayal was betrayal. No matter what the reason was, they had betrayed Tang ZhengTian.

Tang Jiu’s eyes were like cold lights, viciously glaring at Sable and Jackal. “You should be very clear about how my father has always been towards you! You’ve been in the Tang Family since I was ten. Where has the Tang Family wronged you?”

Tang ZhengTian lightly waved his hand and said, “Jiu, don’t say so much. Each have their own ambitions, even your Second Brother had such treachery, let alone others. Heh heh, it looks like I’ve really become old.”

Tang YiFei coldly laughed, “Uncle Tang, as the saying goes, with money you can even get a demon to work a mill – but now the two of them aren’t short of money, what they lack in are prospects. They’ve followed you for more than ten years, but in the end they are still servants of the Tang Family, while if they join me then it won’t be the same. The positions I’ll give them are far, far beyond what you gave them!”

Jackal summoned up courage for quite a while before speaking. “Master Tang, I, Jackal have wronged you. If there is a next life, I’ll be willing to be your cow or horse!”

“In this life you weren’t even able to be loyal, and you’re talking something about the next life?” Xu Yun faintly laughed, and then suddenly stood up. “I heard that twelve years ago, two people offended the Penta Poisoner Qi QingZhu in the northwest, and were directly pursued for their lives for a thousand miles, then afterwards there was no news. It turns it they had come and hidden with Old Master Tang’s family. Heh heh, and so saving ones’ life is met with repayment like a gushing spring, but I never would’ve thought that those two stray dogs from back then would unexpectedly be so treacherous today, to unexpectedly actually bite back at the person who saved those two people’s lives. Old Master Tang, if you knew today was coming, would you still have taken in those two back then?”

Xu Yun’s remarks made many people listening confused like they were shrouded in fog; at the very least Tang Jiu’s generation of people completely didn’t know what Xu Yun meant.

But Tang ZhengTian and Tang ZhenFeng and the others were greatly shocked, because Xu Yun looked like he was only in his twenties. Twelve years ago he should’ve been just like Tang Jiu as a ten year old urchin, why would he know so clearly about this?

Sable and Jackal stared wide-eyed, completely not daring to believe that this young person unexpectedly could speak of things more than ten years ago! The two that had offended the Penta Poisoner was exactly them, and Xu Yun knowing about this wasn’t surprising, because the Penta Poisoner was personally captured by Wang Yi, so he knew about some things about it, and even though Xu Yun was only 10+ years old, but he was already a member of Dragon Fury.

The only worries of Tang ZhengTian in the beginning instantly vanished – to be able to know about things in the Underworld more than ten years ago proved that this young person couldn’t be fathomed. Who would’ve known that his daughter could unexpectedly know such a person, completely beyond Tang ZhengTian’s expectations.

“Even like this, back then I still would choose to keep the two of them.” Tang ZhengTian answered Xu Yun’s question like a gentle breeze. “It’s not nice to discuss fated affinity, who made me run into them?”

Xu Yun faintly laughed. “Fated affinity is quite something, Old Master Tang worthy of being praised as very wise, surely your compassion is beyond comparison of my generation.”

Tang ZhengTian finally couldn’t help but to laugh – the faint smile that hung from his lips was heartfelt, he hadn’t heard this way of addressing him for already a long time.

“Just who are you!” Jackal couldn’t hold in his curiosity, and angrily yelled, his eyes showing a savage blue glint towards Xu Yun – this guy knew too much! Making him not feel any sense of security.

Sable’s eyes shown with a cold light, and he said coldly, “Jackal, don’t forget who we belong to now. You wouldn’t forget what Second Young Master said right?”

Jackal’s expression changed, and he said no more, concentrating all his attention at Xu Yun. “Today anyone who obstructs Second Young Master dies!”

Fear in Tang Jiu’s heart reached it’s peak, no matter what, she wouldn’t have thought that the two people who were so respectful to her father in the past would so ruthlessly betray.

“Jiu-mei, then let us see just what kind of ability the man you found has!” Tang YiFei threw his gaze over, signaling Sable and Jackle to make their move.

At the same instant, Qiu Yan beside GuoGuo who didn’t have any kind of reaction the whole while stood up, and the Dragon Abyssal Blade in her hand shone with a dark shine, directly blocking Sable and Jackal.

Qiu Yan’s burst of sharp killing aura forced everyone to take steps backwards, fearful that the blade would mercilessly wound them.

“People past their prime don’t need to come out and disgrace themselves.” Qiu Yan’s voice was as cold as ice, without the slightest bit of **.

Since Sable and Jackal followed Tang ZhengTian, they had pretty much never left JiBei. Of course they wouldn’t know the greatly shocking reputation of the Venerated Violent Fox in recent years, but just the Dragon Abyssal Blade in Qiu Yan’s hands was enough to shock the two of them.

But even so, the temptation that Tang YiFei gave them was still enough for the two of them to put their lives on it! They heard Tang YiFei’s orders closely because Tang YiFei gave them the hope of breaking through the 1st-tier elite bottleneck. No elite would want for himself to stagnate, and Sable and Jackal had never stopped cultivating in twelve years, but after they reached the peak of the 2nd-tier, they had no way of breaking through one bit.

Just in that moment, Tang YiFei brought them hope – unexpectedly he spared no expense in hiring Ghost Face Shura whose name resounded in the Underworld for more than ten years. That was an absolute 1st-tier elite, a person who had reached the heights of the 1st-tier! Tang YiFei promised that as long as the two of them helped him seize the Tang Family, he would definitely be able to have Ghost Face Shura help them break through the mental state!

Temptation of this level truly gave the two of them no way of resisting. If the two of them hadn’t joined, they didn’t have the ability to help Tang ZhengTian resist Tang YiFei’s Ghost Face Shura threat towards the family.

With Tang YiFei’s promise that he absolutely wouldn’t harm even hairs on Tang ZhengTian and Tang Jiu, the two of them completely surrendered as subordinates under Tang YiFei. Today, the objective of them coming was to prevent emergencies, only they hadn’t thought that Miss Jiu would actually bring back such unfathomable people – first this young person who spoke of the bad things that happened to them, and this woman even brought out the famous Dragon Abyss.

Without waiting for Sable and Jackal to make their move, Qiu Yan took the attacking initiative, one stroke of Great Swallow’s Twin Flight, the Dragon Abyss in her hand moved like a sharp snake, drawing out a blur that directly struck at the two of them at the same time – the movement was like traveling clouds and flowing water, without the slightest mercy!

Sable and Jackal were greatly shocked – just seeing the speed of the blade they knew that their opponent’s cultivation was far higher than both of them! The two of them separately used Tiger Strides and Seven Star Steps, and at once they retreated several meters, pulling the distance, the expression of both of them appeared distressed.

“Unable to take one attack.” Xu Yun lightly said, “Qiu Yan, since Old Master Tang doesn’t have the intent to blame them, then don’t overdo it. After all this is the family meeting of the Tang Family, fighting will truly harm Master Tang’s majesty.”

Qiu Yan heard and then sheathed her blade, but her gaze still never left the two of them. Just this piercing gaze was enough to make Sable and Jackal consider if they should make their move or not.

Once an elite made their move they would know whether or not that had substance, setting aside Xu Yun at the side strategizing and commanding the battle, just the Venerated Violent Fox was enough for Tang YiFei to be embarrassed. Just this one move of Tang Jiu’s reinforcements was enough to completely impress everyone in the Tang Family. How many days had she gone to HeDong City? To be able to find such elites in that little place? To say it out loud was simply something out of the Arabian Nights!

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