Chapter 28: Just Who is Daddy Going to Hook up With?

The whole morning, a conference was held to honor her accomplishments and Qin Wan’er was listening so long that her ears had calluses.  After the conference ended at noon, she immediately tried to find an opportunity to slip out!  

She at present was in no mood to go listen to the leadership’s speeches, she only wanted to know about the condition of Xu Yun’s injury.

At noon, the business of the panacea restaurant was still explosively popular.  Due to Xu Yun suffering an injury, Ruan QingShuang said something and wouldn’t let Xu Yun enter the kitchen, but Xu Yun still persevered with his left hand wielding a ladle as before, insisting that it was alright.  

Actually Ruan QingShuang was really very puzzled. She definitely remembered the blood flow from Xu Yun’s arm last night.  Yet today, the scar on his shoulder surprisingly completely lacked a mark from the bleeding wound.  But she still didn’t feel assured, so she decided to stay in the kitchen to personally give Xu Yun help in a supporting role.

“Wan’er-jiejie you came back. Yesterday GuoGuo dreamed that you would come.  She dreamed that you would grab an evil-doer!” GuoGuo after all was a child, yesterday she met with a frightening event and afterwards, she didn’t remember anything.  She already completely regarded yesterday’s situation as an episode of a nightmare.

“Good GuoGuo!” Qin Wan’er kissed GuoGuo’s small cheeks.  She turned around to take a look at dish-serving Qiu Yan.  She was completely unconvinced that yesterday that cool, elegant and proud woman was today, unexpectedly most willing to be a waitress at the panacea restaurant.  “What about your mom?”  

“Mom is in the kitchen to help daddy.” GuoGuo went backwards towards the kitchen pouting, “Making dishes together all intimately and still not admitting it’s affection.”

Qin Wan’er managed to laugh dryly twice, then she pinched GuoGuo’s cheeks, moving immediately towards the back of the kitchen.

GuoGuo’s pair of big, alert, and moist eyes rolled, “Love triangles are really scary…”

Qiu Yan was already accustomed to GuoGuo’s babbling nonsense from early on.  Therefore she wasn’t in the least pressured when she walked past to go to the reception desk to tidy up the tableware on the tables of guests that had just left.  

When Qin Wan’er rushed into the kitchen, the first thing she said was exactly, “Xu Yun, are you insane!?  You were shot by a gun and you’re still cooking?!  Do you want to live or do you want money?”

“Damn!  Could you lower your voice a little?!  Don’t let other people know that I got shot!’  Although in Xu Yun’s heart he thought like that, yet he also didn’t say it that way.  “Then you still haven’t rushed in to come give your ge support!  Quick, hold this eel and wash it cleanly and slice it!”

Ruan QingShuang had a helpless expression, “Wan’er, you came. Can you try to persuade him?  Whatever I say to him, he doesn’t listen.”

Qin Wan’er nodded her head, walked past and started dragging Xu Yun’s shoulder, “Take a look at your own injury!”  After she finished saying it, she herself looked distracted.  Yesterday at the hospital, the wound was bleeding incessantly.  Today how can there be such a dull scar that seems as if a new layer of skin had completely been created?   

“Are you really a human?  How did it heal this fast?” Qin Wan’er’s chin wanted to fall off – she had never seen a wound that could heal that fast!

Xu Yun really wanted to grab a ladle and tap her with it.  “Yes or no, do you want to add and bet on this? Was I bleeding non-stop before you recognized a mistake?”

“Yes!” Qin Wan’er looked at Xu Yun with a grinding look, and angrily said, “A dog bit Lu DongBin the immortal, and didn’t know gratitude.  It was like no one cherished a caring heart – and that’s like you.”

Xu Yun put his own finger on the injured shoulder, “You still really don’t have a conscience.  Ge is like this because of who?  My heroic reputation is destroyed. From when I was little I haven’t tasted such a large loss.  If you won’t take responsibility then fine, you still have the nerve to be sarcastic?”

“Then fine, I’m taking responsibility!  From now on, I’ll even live here!” Qin Wan’er immediately made the decision.  “Qing Shuang-jie, can you clear out a room for me?”

“Really?” Ruan QingShuang stared blankly, her face was an astonished color.  She completely believed that Qin Wan’er was playing a joke.  

Qin Wan’er nodded her head, and with absolute certainty said, “Of course, is this something to joke about?  Even though I do odd jobs for free, then how about I also get a salary of delicious, steaming-hot panacea-cuisine meals to eat everyday?  What?  Not welcoming me?”

Actually this one decision was just set by Qin Wan’er, who decided in one night.  The doubts in her heart hadn’t been undone, therefore she had to make things clear.  In the end who was Qiu Yan to dare to confront Gong You, that vicious and savage killer?  That showed that Qiu Yan absolutely wasn’t an ordinary person!

With so many dangerous people living at the panacea restaurant, and Qin Wan’er’s job as a police officer she certainly was extremely not at ease.  Even if Xu Yun repeatedly stressed that Qiu Yan didn’t have any malice towards GuoGuo and Ruan QingShuang, yet she nevertheless resolved to believe her sixth sense and properly monitor this dangerous character.   

Also, the panacea restaurant still had this guy Xu Yun.  On an ordinary day he would appear like a smooth talking, worthless, and careless guy.  Unexpectedly, at the most crucial moment, he threw himself in front of her to cover a bullet!

Xu Yun’s action really touched Qin Wan’er exceedingly.  However in affecting her, Qin Wan’er was even more curious about Xu Yun.  This guy could so sharply catch dangerous people – he was simply an inconceivable sort of existence!

When Qin Wan’er was in the police academy, she got acquainted with old veterans who had gone through the baptism of wars.  Perhaps even if they faced yesterday’s type of situation, they couldn’t laugh about it!    

And Xu Yun, as the story goes, merely mixed with the military for 2 years as a volunteer soldier – this theory was completely rejected by Qin Wan’er!  How could a guy that enlisted with the military for two years have that kind of fearlessness of death and reckless heroic boldness!  Last night, for Xu Yun to be the kind of person capable of saving a life in a moment of life or death and make that kind of decision, he surely has a lot of secrets he doesn’t want people to know!

Also the most important point, the part that Qin Wan’er most wanted to know – how did Xu Yun achieve such a rapid recovery from the bullet?!  

With Qin Wan’er’s good knowledge of high-level mathematics, high energy physics, quantum mechanics, and precision-guided technology, she knew that it was completely impossible for the human body to be faster than a bullet.

The effective firing range of the weakest pistol the police used could reach 150 meters every 3 seconds.  At the time Gong You’s distance from them was only approximately 10 meters away. The bullet barely required 0.03 seconds to be able to hit Qin Wan’er’s body!

Theoretically, the reaction speed limit for humans was 0.1 seconds!  This distance was greater than the shooting time!  Therefore, Qin Wan’er was fundamentally incapable of explaining how Xu Yun could possibly have helped her block the bullet – this action was so contrary to nature!  

This was exactly the reason why Qin Wan’er could lament that Xu Yun wasn’t a person.  At the same time, that was the most important reason why she wanted to move to the panacea restaurant.

In all honestly, she was too curious about Xu Yun!  If from now on Xu Yun could help her, then wouldn’t those major cases be a piece of cake?

When Ruan QingShuang heard that Qin Wan’er wanted to come over, naturally her heart would be filled with joy.  “Welcome!  Of course welcome!  We’ve been looking forward to you coming over.  Once GuoGuo knows she will definitely be very happy!”

GuoGuo had already heard the decision in the kitchen.  Peeking in with her small head, in a childish tone she said to Xu Yun, “Daddy are you bursting with happiness?”

“Qin Wan’er, really, don’t treat yourself like a stranger.” Xu Yun certainly argued with Qin Wan’er a lot, but in his heart he very much agreed with Qin Wan’er living with them.  After all, Qin Wan’er was a police officer – with her around, there would be a lot less problems for Ruan QingShuang.

In Chinese society, the status of a police officer is especially high, but of course this doesn’t include the Underworld.  At least on the surface, there were a lot of matters which Qin Wan’er’s words carried much more weight in contrast with his and Qiu Yan’s.  Perhaps little gangsters won’t ever dare to come disturb them again.

Only if Qin Wan’er stayed in the panacea restaurant, Qiu Yan would definitely feel uncomfortable right?

On this matter, Xu Yun definitely didn’t think much of it.  Right now Qiu Yan already included Qin Wan’er in the scope of people to attack.  After all, Qin Wan’er was a cop, and Qiu Yan was in the past, the Giant Owl of Suzhou Underworld’s number one assassin at his side.

Originally the two people were not on the same path.

“Wan’er-jiejie, GuoGuo welcomes you.”  GuoGuo couldn’t know that Qin Wan’er and Qiu Yan had any conflicts.  She only knew that Qin Wan’er could help them teach bad guys a lesson.

GuoGuo had spoken, and Qiu Yan couldn’t say any other words.

“You should mix with ge, ge has no objections, but 10,000,000 times over, please don’t bring your pile of police troubles.” Xu Yun first let Qin Wan’er know.  If she lived at the shop and brought the police over everyday, then he wouldn’t give them any face.

“Alright, from now on the ones you can solve by yourself, I definitely won’t use police connections, but on the assumption that the opposing side aren’t good people.”  Qin Wan’er promised in one sentence.  “But you also have to promise me, if I have anything that I need your help for, you definitely can’t refuse.”

Xu Yun shrugged his shoulders, he knew this girl didn’t have good intentions.  “If I feel up to it.”

The process went without a hitch, Qin Wan’er succeeded in infiltrating the panacea restaurant.  She thought to herself that this result was one stone for three birds.  First of all, she could protect the safety of Ruan QingShuang and GuoGuo.  Then she could look for opportunities to catch Qiu Yan’s little tail.  And lastly she would have an opportunity to figure out who exactly the mysterious Xu Yun was.

Of course, after Qin Wan’er joined the panacea restaurant’s team, she immediately entered work mode.  Directly replacing Ruan QingShuang’s place, she said “QingShuang-jie, you just handle the money, just leave this to me and this guy.”

Ruan QingShuang knew she couldn’t control any of them, and then didn’t say much more.  Anyway Xu Yun and Qin Wan’er would only quarrel a little bit, it wouldn’t likely flip over the roof.

GuoGuo blinked her two people-decoding big eyes.  To Ruan QingShuang she said, “Mommy, GuoGuo thinks that relationships are very complicated.”

“What feelings do you want to announce now?” Ruan QingShuang seeing GuoGuo’s delicate and quick-witted little face, she already knew this little child was thinking in some unknown direction.

GuoGuo helplessly shook her head.  “Right now I don’t even know which of you will be in a relationship with daddy.”

Ruan QingShuang slightly smiled. Picking up GuoGuo, she discovered that she already really couldn’t part from GuoGuo.  If there was ever a day that she wouldn’t have this child’s mouthful of babbling at her side, she would lack so much joy in her life.

“Mommy, why are you crying?” GuoGuo indignantly yelled back towards the chef, “Daddy, because you’re two-timing, mommy is crying!”

What the hell!  Xu Yun almost threw all the big spoons flying out. What, and what?

Ruan QingShuang didn’t know if she should laugh or cry as she held GuoGuo.  “GuoGuo saying nonsense again, mama won’t like you!”

“Then GuoGuo won’t say anything.”  GuoGuo stuck her tongue out over Ruan QingShuang’s embrace.

Qiu Yan’s indifferent gaze flashed with a bit of warmth.  From when she was small till she grew up, there wasn’t a single person that could give GuoGuo this kind of warm maternal instinct – GuoGuo lacked this kind of love and affection.  If she really must choose to stay forever, for GuoGuo she would also choose to stay forever…

Qin Wan’er on one hand washed vegetables, on the other hand deliberately pretended to absentmindedly say to Xu Yun, “For yesterday, thank you.”

“What are you thanking me for?” Xu Yun slightly smiled.

Qin Wan’er smiled a genuine smile.  “Thank you for saving me.”

“Um, you’re not looking for ‘favors’ right?” Xu Yun’s face was stunned, raising his head to look at Qin Wan’er.

The corners of Qin Wan’er’s mouth twitched, “I’m thanking you for saving my life. You’d best not think anything crazy argh!”

Xu Yun with a tiny smile waved a big spoon in his hand.  “I just don’t want to see dead people…”

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  1. This Policewoman is too nosy like seriously what business does she have to dig into MC’s back story or trying to find anything to send the female assassin with internal problems to jail who is also the little girl’s most beloved. Policewoman wants the little girl to be happy but also wants to put female assassin in jail… what is wrong with her head?

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  2. “With Qin Wan’er’s good knowledge comparable to an expert of higher level mathematics, high energy physics, quantum mechanics, and precision-guided weapons”

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