Chapter 24: GuoGuo Disrupts the Plan

“Waaaa–!” Gong You didn’t have any time to evade – forced by one chop of Xu Yun’s leg like it could topple mountains and overturn the seas right in the middle of his back!

Xu Yun’s legs landed steady and stable on the ground, while Gong You fell to the ground with a crash. His chest cavity felt a momentary violent surge, and he tasted a slight fishiness in his mouth, closely followed by a ‘puu’ sound as he vomited a fresh mouthful of blood!  

But Qin Hu seized an opportunity, and like a fierce tiger coming down a mountain, he pounced with a skill trained to perfection. Like a black tiger with the goal of digging out a heart, snarling, he struck straight with a fierce wind at Xu Yun’s solar plexus!

How could Xu Yun give this much of a good opportunity? A spinning round metal fist met Qin Hu’s tiger claw with a thunderous 13,000 pound smash forwards! One fist and one claw, the two clashed like a volcano erupting!

Although Qin Hu’s tiger claw was perfected with powerful strength that could crush stones or break steel, but how can it resist Xu Yun’s valiant inner strength which could crush stones into dust!? Once the two hands contacted each other, Qin Hu gave a blood-curdling screech, and he rapidly withdrew the broken fingers of his tiger claw!  

Just at the moment Qin Hu pulled back his damaged hand, Xu Yun’s left knee bent deeply, his right leg abruptly shot outward like an artillery shell! In one move he went into drop stance, and ruthlessly raised his leg and kicked downward towards Qin Hu’s crotch. Qin Hu’s entire body rocked in convulsion. With a poof, he ruthlessly dropped the sh*t-eating dog!

“Ahhhh!” Qin Hu tore the night sky with a shriek, five finger bones that were crushed in a flash was piercingly painful, and the burst of severe pain in his crotch affected his mind and physiology even more. Simultaneously, they were unbearable.

Xu Yun was also able to catch a breather, now that those two had already lost their basic fighting strength.

Still inside of Xu Yun’s room, Qiu Yan could hear people scream. Abruptly opening her pair of severe icy eyes, she let out a long relaxed breath. She harmonized her JingMai meridian order, making her entire body feel incomparable bliss. Then, turning in an instant, Qiu Yan already put on all her clothes. With one step on the edge of Xu Yun’s opened window, she flipped, leaping directly onto the roof!

Qiu Yan’s sudden appearance extremely startled the three people!

“This fast?” Xu Yun was somewhat surprised. Generally speaking, after receiving an internal injury treatment of the JingMai Meridians, it wasn’t easy to do anything. But Qiu Yan unexpectedly used just 3-5 minutes right after treatment, that was all.

“Qiu Yan!” Although Qin Hu was in severe pain that was difficult to bear, he still struggled to shout out 2 words.

One Xu Yun was already enough to render the 2 incapable of responding. Now with the venerated Violent Fox suddenly in the mix, perhaps for these two people everything pointed towards disaster!

Precisely at this time, Gong You got up. He wanted to take advantage of the moment that Qiu Yan’s abrupt appearance interrupted Xu Yun’s attention. Immediately rising like a fierce eagle spreading its wings, he jumped down from the panacea restaurant and fled the scene!

It wasn’t that he was a coward, rather he clearly understood that they already couldn’t defeat a single Xu Yun. If there was an additional Violent Lady Fox then he would 100% be waiting for his death!

If both people died, it was better leaving Qin Hu to die alone – he must return to his boss’s side to share information!

Whoosh–! A burst of severe wind blew over, and again flip flops were seen as if lightning cut open the night sky!

Gong You was originally jumping high to rush out, when his body was suddenly hit with slippers. At once this kind of inconceivable shape ferociously fell from the roof, banging with a huge sound. Soon after there wasn’t half a fraction of sound.

Qiu Yan with eyes as cold as ice abruptly, in a flash of light around her waist the Dragon Abyssal supple blade was already drawn in her hand. Together the cold light flashed before Qin Hu’s eyes. He only saw the Dragon Abyssal’s blade like clear autumn waters, the massive pain as his heart was impaled made him forget everything. In an instant later, no matter how many big breaths he inhaled, oxygen would never again flow through his heart.

For someone like the Devil Beast Qin Hu, the sensation of dying was nothing, just that he couldn’t accept it and nothing more.

Not waiting for Xu Yun to stop her, Qiu Yan had already turned over to leap off the top of the building to go straight to where Gong You was hiding! Towards them, Qiu Yan didn’t have half a speck of pity. In her eyes, these people deserved death! Back then, with how they treated the Feng Clan, sooner or later she would get payback on all of them!

Xu Yun saw the situation yet didn’t hesitate, directly following after on the top of a building with a single jump. He didn’t wish for Qiu Yan to really turn the vicinity of the panacea restaurant into a cemetery! So Xu Yun moved quickly, leaping downwards off of the top of a building in a flash. Soon after, he was stunned!

Shit! Why did Qin Wan’er appear downstairs right now!?!

“Don’t move!”, a tender sound scolded, echoing through the empty night. Qin Wan’er steadied her pistol level with both hands, aiming at Qiu Yan!

The scene just a moment ago shocked Qin Wan’er. After receiving a phone call she instantly hurried back to the panacea restaurant. Just as she was stopping the police bike, she immediately saw someone from the roof of the high building fall heavily down!

Still not knowing what happened, Qiu Yan lept down, her graceful silhouette like a demon!

And closely following behind Qiu Yan’s figure beside her was exactly the one who Qin Wan’er was originally brimming with curiosity about – Xu Yun!

Just what was this situation turning into?!

Making a movie! An action movie!!

With everyone staring blankly, Gong You seized the opportunity. He forced down a mouthful of blood and got up to run!

How would Xu Yun gave him the chance? With a flash his body cut off Gong You, facing him. Abruptly raising his leg and whipping it out like lightning, he viciously struck Gong You’s stomach! The already heavily wounded Gong You suffered another bang, and his whole body was like a broken kite with his head planted at the entrance of the panacea restaurant. He didn’t have a fraction of strength to get up.

Qin Wan’er’s eyes were wide open, unwaveringly watching Qiu Yan.  The reason was very simple, because of the Dragon Abyssal supple blade like autumn waters in Qiu Yan’s hand!

In China, this kind of bladed thing was under regulations! Following the Public Security Department’s stipulations, the jurisdiction of carrying blades, manufacturing them, and buying any of them had a proper legal procedure!

Qin Wan’er only knew what she saw – she precisely saw Qiu Yan carry a long blade on top of a building, chasing after a person who fell quickly downwards, and this person received severe injuries from Xu Yun’s leg earlier. Afterwards, he was even closer to dying.

“Put down your weapons!” Qin Wan’er said in a stern voice towards Qiu Yan’s direction.

Qiu Yan’s gaze was cold and detached as it floated over Qin Wan’er. Even if she hadn’t purged her internal injuries, she wouldn’t put this little cop with an ordinary gun in her eyes.

How could Qin Wan’er take this kind of provocative disregard? Just because GuoGuo called Qiu Yan jiejie, Qin Wan’er wouldn’t be lenient.  “Put it down!”

“You’d best not get involved with this matter.” Qiu Yan coldly said, “I don’t want to do anything wrong to you in front of GuoGuo. You should just go.”

“What!?” Qin Wan’er immediately glared wide-eyed, “Just now I thought of GuoGuo and was very modest to you. You had best put down your weapons carefully and cooperate with law enforcement! Come with me to the police station and clarify the situation!”

At present Xu Yun really felt completely awkward – fundamentally, there was no way to explain this situation!

Although Qin Wan’er was big breasted with no brains, but in society she was an impartial and fair little police officer, while Qiu Yan was the Underworld’s famous Violent Lady Fox. Both people fundamentally were not people of the same world!  

Qiu Yan’s eyes flashed a bit of coldness. Xu Yun could see that from the depths of her heart, she already had the intention to kill!

“Damn!” Just as Qiu Yan was about to act, Xu Yun put his hand in and blocked the middle of both of them.  “Qin Wan’er, as a police officer you aren’t too disciplined. The person on the floor is a criminal! The two of us acted as good samaritans. You shouldn’t capture the wrong person.”

“Good samaritans?” How could Qin Wan’er be so easy to deceive?  “Are you thinking that I’m a 3 year old kid? Good samaritans still holding sharp weapons?! Do you guys think you’re acting in a Wuxia film! If you keep shielding her, I’ll even arrest you too!”

Qiu Yan already didn’t want to have any more pointless talk. It was best at this kind of moment to erase this police officer to avoid trouble and inconvenience! The Long Ruan blade in Qiu Yan’s hands suddenly shifted with a smear of iciness, she only needed to move it a bit and she could make Qin Wan’er’s little life return to her maker!

During this period of a thousand pounds hanging by a single thread, a young and tender voice sounded outwards from the panacea restaurant.

“Wan’er-jiejie, you came? Dad, what are you doing with Qiu Yan?” GuoGuo’s sudden appearance completely altered the scene’s atmosphere.

Ruan QingShuang had a bewildered expression, holding GuoGuo as she opened the door to come out. In a breath she asked the 3 questions in succession, “Xu Yun? Qiu Yan? You guys?”  

“GuoGuo, was it you who called the police?” Xu Yun was really completely defeated by GuoGuo. Why was this little girl so interested in the police? A little wind would blow grass, and she would want to call the police.  

GuoGuo rubbed her eyes in a sleepy daze, conscientiously nodding her head, “Safety first.”

“Watch out!” Qiu Yan abruptly shouted!

However at this time it was already late. Gong You, who had just now been kicked flying by Xu Yun into the doorway suddenly got up and grabbed sleepy-eyed GuoGuo from Ruan QingShuang’s arms. Ruan QingShuang couldn’t protect GuoGuo in time, and was also thrown onto the ground by Gong You!

“Everyone, don’t move! If anyone moves again, I’ll kill her immediately!”.  As Gong You spoke, he already grasped a short blade up against GuoGuo’s throat.

It all happened too suddenly – even GuoGuo didn’t have a response, and so she completely forgot to cry. Ruan QingShuang was also thoroughly stunned in the spot where she was thrown down – everyone was completely stupefied.   

Qiu Yan’s pair of phoenix eyes were flashing a menacingly cold light. Her body suddenly rose a fierce murderous aura, if it weren’t for GuoGuo tightly wrapped by Gong You’s chest, perhaps she may have already murderously punished him!

Qin Wan’er was also stupefied by this abrupt turn of events. The guy thrown downstairs and kicked flying into the doorway by Xu Yun was unexpectedly still able to get up. Was he even human?

In this world, when does this kind of madness occur? Everyone was so abnormal – what did they eat when they grew up?!

Xu Yun narrowed his eyes into slits. His gaze was bitingly cold, yet calm. He was already regretting not finishing this killer. If Gong You was a dead person right now, he would be unable to threaten his daughter GuoGuo.

“Put the kid down!” Qin Wan’er angrily rebuked, lifting her pistol one more time. She pulled the gun like a pump, the gun cocked with a thunderous noise!

Gong You sneered, his whole head was hidden behind GuoGuo’s body. He snarled, “Open fire! Shoot! Let me see how accurate this stupid police officer’s marksmanship of yours can be! Hahaha, did you know, the moment when a kid’s brains explodes is really beautiful!”

The entire time the night air was tranquil, a dreadful kind of calm.

Qin Wan’er was confident in her marksmanship. Last time there was a large scale shooting competition, she was ranked first in HeDong City! But now, confronting a real criminal, with GuoGuo in the criminal’s hands, her confidence unexpectedly and mysteriously disappeared. 

“If you don’t want this kid to die, quickly put the gun down and kick it over!” Gong You berated in a stern voice as the short knife in his grasp tightly pressed against GuoGuo’s neck!

With Qin Wan’er’s pair of soft hands, she already didn’t have the courage to confront her counterpart!

Xu Yun and Qiu Yan both were well prepared to intervene at any time. If Gong You gave them a single opening, they wouldn’t miss the opportunity… But how could a 2nd-tier elite make that kind of low-level mistake?

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