Chapter 117: Scraping Together 8 Million

Suzhou and Hangzhou shuffled cards too suddenly – Millennium Feng basically didn’t have time to consider the issue of money. At the time, he only had this one thought of protecting GuoGuo’s life, so he completely didn’t think of the matter of money.

So the 4.5 Million in Qiu Yan’s possession also completely wasn’t what Millennium Feng set aside for GuoGuo. And now that she was on her own, for the one day she was afraid that if she couldn’t manage, she wanted to set it aside for GuoGuo’s livelihood afterwards.

Now Qiu Yan brought this money out – clearly she already had exceptional trust in Xu Yun and Ruan QingShuang and the others.

Qiu Yan’s 4.5 million, plus Xu Yun and Ruan QingShuang’s pooled 1.23 million, and also Qin Wan’er’s 300,000 for purchasing a car, altogether was 6.03 million. The distance from their goal of 8 million was just 2 million.

With 2 million, Xu Yun still had confidence that he could pay back within one month, so without the slightest hesitation he pulled out his card and went to overdraft it.

“Dad don’t worry, within one month I guarantee to return your money.” GuoGuo wasn’t joking at all, and she saw that Xu Yun didn’t at all want to use that card. “Now GuoGuo Group has been officially established. This 8 million was gathered by everybody, so everyone will all have shares.”

Qin Wan’er stared blankly, “Shares? Eh, GuoGuo, I only gave 300,000 and I also have shares?”

“If the company is split into 100 shares, 80,000 each share – Wan’er-jiejie, your investment also takes up close to 4 percent of the stock.” GuoGuo counted her fingers. “But today isn’t the same. I am a generous person, and I approve of you holding 15 percent of GuoGuo Group’s shares!”

This investment was truly worth it. Qin Wan’er didn’t expect that she would suddenly come across a little God of Wealth – fortunately she hadn’t used the money that her father gave her to buy a car back then.

“Mama, GuoGuo loves you the most. I’ll give you 30 percent of the shares!” GuoGuo said with great emotion, as deep as 10,000 fathoms, without the least bit of stinginess.

She made Ruan QingShuang not know whether to laugh or cry, but GuoGuo and Qiu Yan came out with the most money – she really did have the qualifications to take charge.

The Grand Hotel still hadn’t been purchased yet, and GuoGuo already divided out 45 percent of the shares. She, counting a finger for herself said, “I put out the most, I’m the boss. I want 51 percent of the shares. This way I would barely have the authority to speak.”

“*Cough*……” Xu Yun exerted all of his strength to cough, “GuoGuo, did you forget a little something?”

He was exactly the crucial person that overdrafted, providing a loan to solve the problem. Just now when there was a lack of money GuoGuo thought of him, and now that the money was enough, could it be that she wanted to kill the donkey when the grinding was done and get rid of him now that he stopped being useful? At the time they were speaking of shares how could she forget him?

“Dad, GuoGuo loves you so much, how could I forget about you? Isn’t this leaving you 4 percent?” GuoGuo’s small, pink, delicate and fat hand clapped. “We’ll set it like this! Although we haven’t appeared on the market and we don’t have real shares, but in the future according to this percentage we will divide dividends. Do you all have any objections?”

Ruan QingShuang patted GuoGuo’s small head, and softly with tender affection she said, “You say what should be done, and right away it’s what should be done. Who let GuoGuo be the boss?”

Qin Wan’er also immediately made her position known. “I of course have no objections. Well said. I have 15 percent? Of course I’ll take such a big discount.”

“I get just 4 percent?!” Xu Yun really wanted to get two noodles to hang himself. He paid out and worked more than Qin Wan’er, and Qin Wan’er got 15 percent. “My treasured daughter, even if you’re not my biological daughter, you can’t dupe me so much right? I overdrafted 2 million to help you.”

GuoGuo shrugged her shoulders, “For that 2 million, next month’s profits will completely go to you to pay off the overdraft. That is equal to everybody paying out, so you can’t have any complaints.”

“Then what about that 500,000 Yuan award money that the police gave me to report malefactors to the police?” Xu Yun pitifully said. “This at the very least is worth 6 percent of the shares.”

“Ah, this issue.” GuoGuo’s two hands pinched at her waist saying, “You, me, mom, Qiu Yan-jiejie, Wan’er-jiejie, all five of us have contributions, so each person should get 100,000. Dad, you just put out 100,000 Yuan, giving you 4 percent is already very high okay?”

F*ck me!

Spit out blood!

Besides Xu Yun spitting out blood what else could he do? That day you, a little girl were obviously at school attending class. This issue has half a dime’s worth of relation with you, ai……

“Dad, do you want money or do you want mom?” GuoGuo suddenly approached to whisper in a low voice saying, “Do you want money, or do you want your life to be surrounded by beautiful women as though you were in a circle of clouds?”

Eh……very difficult to choose. Xu Yun was silent.

GuoGuo proudly raised her eyebrows, “Men having wealth will turn bad, so, dad, giving you 4 percent isn’t small. According to the estimate that every year there is a profit of 20 million, every year you will get 800,000 in profits. A month’s average would be more than 60,000 Yuan.”

Hearing GuoGuo say this, Qin Wan’er was a bit scared. Xu Yun’s 4 percent was 800,000 a year? With her 15 percent, wouldn’t it earn 3 million a year? Very terrifying numbers……

“If there aren’t any objections then we’ll decide it this way!” GuoGuo settled it with a single hammer blow and made the final decision.

With this, money and share problems were completely resolved. The remaining problem was exactly influence. This bit GuoGuo only needed to give Xu Yun a meaningful glance and it was enough. “Dad, the remainder we’ll just give to you.”

Xu Yun couldn’t help but to admire GuoGuo’s thorough mind. At a very young age she unexpectedly had this line of thought. After she grew up, without a doubt, this kind of economic mind would be more awesome than most university students who had studied economics for four years.

The auction would take place tomorrow afternoon at three. Xu Yun immediately called QiangZi and the South City Tiger Trio to, in twenty minutes, have them let everyone in the whole city that had a bit of power and money know that Ruan QingShuang of WenHui District’s panacea restaurant, and also now the godfather HeDong City’s Underworld Shuang-jie, had the mind to absolutely get HeDong City’s Grand International Hotel. If anyone wants to compete, they should first consider their own abilities.

The South City Tiger Trio originally still intended to join the fundraising to see if they could get a piece of the fat meat. Now hearing Yun-ge say that Shuang-jie was targeting it, they definitely immediately gave up. They could compete against anyone else but not them.

Once this news spread, it became an endless surging river.

Originally tomorrow was the day of the auction. It seemed that all of the people eyeing the hotel like tigers were also asking each other if someone had any ideas about it, estimating their own strength.

So QiangZi and the South City Tiger Trio easily accomplished it. This news was spread out by their little brothers, an absolutely big event that shocked HeDong all around. Everyone that had designs about HeDong City’s biggest hotel shriveled up. Even if they had the money they wouldn’t dare to take from Shuang-jie.

After all, the fall of this hotel’s original owner Liu Sheng had connections with them, and originally Jin Biao’s clan, HeDong’s most notorious, was also destroyed by them.

No one dared to mess with someone so powerful, and even less would someone dare to take meat out of a tiger’s mouth.

At the moment HeDong City’s International Grand Hotel had basically become something in GuoGuo’s pocket. She had already made her decision: after getting the hotel, the first thing to do was change the name.

This name was too revolting and too country-bumpkin – just like her school, it absolutely had to add ‘International’….. Clearly it was just a small city of five million people – it might as well just be called HeDong City’s Grand Hotel. Hearing this was pleasant.

The incident of Ruan QingShuang eyeing that fat piece of meat quickly spread through every corner of the HeDong City.

Tonight among everyone at the dinner table, the discussion was all about this news. QiangZi and the South City Tiger Trio completed their missions well. Since they knew that this was inevitable for Shuang-jie and Yun-ge, they immediately began laying the road for them. Such a big hotel would also need more than a hundred workers, and they immediately began to search for a suitable manager.

In this night, GuoGuo slept with what is called relish. Even dreaming she called out 8 million, and important words like the Grand Hotel. It could be seen that she had great aspirations for this auction.

Ruan QingShuang looked at GuoGuo sleeping, and her heart was like a spilled bottle of five spice powder. Today Qiu Yan taking out so much money truly shocked her. She had never thought that GuoGuo was actually a princess of a wealthy family.

Thinking of this Ruan QingShuang felt sourness in her nose. Those days GuoGuo had actually accompanied her through so many injustices.

Several times, alone with just her shadow, Ruan QingShuang had thought she couldn’t go on, even feeling that death was even more relaxing than life. Nearly every time she relied on her astonishing perseverance to go on, because each time she was on the verge of defeat by life, she would always firmly tell herself that as long as there is life, good things will definitely will happen.

Ruan QingShuang always felt that the Goddess of Luck especially favored her, because just before the very day she saw GuoGuo, the scoundrel Lu Bao had taken all of her dwindling savings. If it weren’t for GuoGuo, perhaps that time Ruan QingShuang would’ve completely given up on the panacea restaurant.

Even though GuoGuo gave her the power to press on, closely after suffering the harassment of the Four Wolves Gang she almost thought of giving up. And this time, she and GuoGuo came across Xu Yun.

Life always has ups and downs, and stumbles and fumbles. Just like the four seasons, there were changes where flowers bloomed and flowers drooped, just like the weather had breezy sunny days and thunder and lightning. Of all the living things in the world, scarcely any could remain constant and unchanged.


The next day, GuoGuo got up early and took the group of people to go clothes shopping, and a phone call had QiangZi come over and act as their driver. At least QiangZi was driving an Audi A6 – even though it wasn’t an especially prideful car, but at least it wouldn’t make them lose face.

Today was the event, and they absolutely must uphold face. Of course GuoGuo would dress up well, and of course not just herself, she also wanted to dress up Ruan mama and Qiu Yan-jie. Qin Wan’er was of course fine. She as a police officer and staff member that had to handle the security of the event, of course had to wear her uniform.

Qiu Yan’s outfit was decided by GuoGuo as always. With a tight, domineering dress, her curves could stun a person to death. With her demeanor as cold as frost, it could absolutely captivate birds and beasts.

For Ruan QingShuang, GuoGuo chose an especially elegant suit. Her top was not completely covered, simply making Ruan QingShuang look like a goddess whose charm could destroy a nation.

Of course she herself wasn’t hesitant, from head to toe she was like a little princess.

Of course GuoGuo’s requirements were very strict towards Xu Yun. Even if Xu Yun was willing to die in refusal, she still had him dress methodically – a light gray dress shirt with a cowboy blue bowtie, with straight black slacks that made his legs tall and straight. And finally she also changed Xu Yun’s beloved flip flops. Even though these leather shoes weren’t handmade Italian ones, but they were over 1000 Yuan.

Two hours later, GuoGuo finished everyone, after spending more than 8 thousand Yuan, and completely placing the bill on QiangZi. GuoGuo’s reasoning was very simple: her money was for buying the hotel, and couldn’t be wasted.

QiangZi felt wronged, who would take the opportunity to be in charge of this bill?

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          So the 4.5 Million in Qiu Yan’s possession also completely wasn’t what Millennium Feng set aside for GuoGuo. And now that she was on her own, for the one day she was afraid that if she couldn’t manage, she wanted to set it aside for GuoGuo’s livelihood afterwards.

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